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MaKin’ BaKin’ is looking for hoodies!

We are a friendly and mature derby oriented hood. Most of us are on several times a day and are quite helpful to our fellow hoodies. We like our derby but are not zealous about it. Help keep us in the hunt for a spot in the top 3 for the extra prizes and it’s all good. Come by and let’s have a chat!
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Neighbors wanted

Neighborhood name is Dream Team Winners pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease join
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Come help each other grow!

New neighborhood just started. Emphasizing helping one another. Your pace, wanna chat? Chat. Don't wanna chat? Don't. Play ever day? Great! Play once a week? Also great! Only rule is to be friendly. :-)
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2 spots left

We are looking for friendly people who want to chat and play the derby and help each other out. We aren't strict just looking to make friends. Tag ID # Y9PJULGG
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Welcome to High-Quality Farmers Group!!!

Hi guys,
I'm looking for new members for our neighbourhood. Just ignore the name, everyone is welcome!!! Our tag: #9CY28Y2V
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New neighbors welcomed

Hi all,
Our neighbourhood is looking for new members. We are small right now but mighty, haha. After leaving previous neighbourhood of inactive players we started a new neighbourhood. It’s been the four of us now for a while and are looking for more, friendly neighbours to join us.

We are regularly either in champions league or yellow league with derby, haven’t been below that in ages. We help each other with derby tasks, boats, town people and personal events (so that HayDay gifts are received).

Come join us if you wish, hope to see you soon

Farm = Walnut Grove
Code = #9CV82RVP
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I want more active neighbors!

BAR is not-so-active neighborhood. If you want to join, our code of the neighborhood tag is #98C9YPJC. Can you be active in the neighborhood and play derbies? It's fun!
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Neighbours Wanted

Hi! I've been playing Hay Day for a few years and would love to have some neighbours join my neighbourhood. I like to play the derbies, so people interested in them are preferred, but not mandatory.

I'd also like to use the donate feature, which I can't seem to do unless I have neighbours - so please come join me!

English speakers only, please. It'd be great if we could chat!

My neighbourhood name is Konanation.
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!Exclusive! Farmer's Landing has openings for daily players who enjoy a social game while growing their farms. Reach you personal goals by trading with your neighbors and participating in derbies. This new neighborhood was created by seasoned players who are looking to expand their fresh community with other friendly and courteous players. Minimum level 30. Grow your farm and have fun!
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Vizinhos precisam-se!!!

Olá!! A nossa Vizinhança precisa de vizinhos focados na corrida e que realizem sempre 9 tarefas de pelo menos 300 pontos.

O Tag da nossa vizinhança é o #98JC8JGV.

Quem estiver interessado responda por favor com o TAG de jogador que eu adiciono.
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Happy Family Farm is looking for new neighbors!

Hi everyone! Our neighborhood is looking to add new neighbors. We are in search of people who just enjoy playing the game and like doing derby’s. We often trade with one another because we want our farms to be successful. We are neighbors have a need, we all pull together. Minimum required level to join is 10, so as you can see we welcome everyone. We are very family oriented, so are looking into adding people who have the same values (kind, courteous and helpful). Tag ID: QYVUPGY
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Small neighbourhood looking for active members

Hi there, if anyone is derby active and looking to join a new neighbourhood, I am recruiting. I'm currently running a small neighbourhood that I am looking to grow with some friendly and active members. The neighbourhood is called Got Milk and can be found using #8VQVC9CR If you enjoy participating in the derby and are looking for a helpful group, you are more than welcome to come check us out
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HOWDY EVERYONE! We are a great neighbourhood and love the derby. There is Two neighbours that play very well and help make us in the top 3. We just need a few more to see more wonderful prizes. We are the most helpful and nobody task alone. Lol. So PLEASE JOIN US. #9C8CRROV😁
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Neighborham is an elite neighborhood that has many quality derby players. We cannot wait for you to join and we derby everyweek. If we are full on 5/23/18 or days after, we are waiting after the first derby to kick inactives, so please keep checking on us, and helping us win!
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Derby Junkys

Derby Junkys is looking for more people to join our neighborhood. Please be dedicated to doing derby tasks and speak English. We are a laid back group.of people. We also help each other out whenever possible. 😊
#: 2rlprvlq
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The Fat Cats

Join "The Fat Cats" neighborhood. Level 50 and up. Must participate in derby often. Must be active.
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Looking for friendly and helpful players. 💗

Working on building a NH were all voices are heard. Rule changes are voted on. We help each other so we all level up faster. Derbies are competitive and fun. If interested please come over and join Daisy Dreaming. Min level 25. Can't wait to make new friends!!
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Wanna join my new hood???

Search: 9yyvopog
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