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Anatolian Donkey

Anatolian donkeys are pet animals. A first donkey is unlocked at experience level 52 and a second one at level 55.

They give players experience points in exchange for carrots.




Donkey Stable

Each donkey costs 2 green vouchers, 2 blue vouchers, 2 purple vouchers, and 20 golden vouchers, or 1,790 diamonds. They must be placed near a donkey stable to be bought. Players can have two Anatolian donkeys.

Donkeys and donkey stables can be bought from the Shop. ShopShop Icon



When given carrots donkeys eat then roam around their stable for one hour and finally fall asleep. Players can immediately wake them up to receive 35 xpExperience per animal. Donkeys stay asleep otherwise.

Strategy tips

  • Waking donkeys one by one instead of all at once can increase your chance of getting a random supply item.

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