Animal goods are items which are produced by farm animals. Each type of good is unlocked at a specific experience level.

Some goods can be collected by feeding animals while others are obtained by catching the animal and processing it in a machine.

Types of goods

Egg Milk Bacon
Egg Milk Bacon
Level 1 Level 6 Level 10
Chicken Cow Pig
Wool Fish Fillet Goat Milk
Wool Fish Fillet Goat Milk
Level 16 Level 27 Level 32
Sheep Sockeye Salmon Goat
Honeycomb Lobster Tail Duck Feather
Honeycomb Lobster Tail Duck Feather
Level 39 Level 44 Level 50
Honey Bee Lobster Duck

Detailed information

Name Level Max. Price Duration[1] Exp. Nb per boat crate[2]
Bacon 10 50 coinCoins 4 h 5 xpExperience 5-9
Duck feather 50 140 coinCoins 2 + 3 h 17 xpExperience 3-6
Egg 1 18 coinCoins 20 min 2 xpExperience 16-23
Fish fillet 27 54 coinCoins Instant 4-20 xpExperience 6-9
Goat milk 32 64 coinCoins 8 h 6 xpExperience 5-7
Honeycomb 39 68 coinCoins ≈35 min 8 xpExperience N/A
Lobster tail 44 201 coinCoins 6 + 6 h 24 xpExperience 2-4
Milk 6 32 coinCoins 1 h 3 xpExperience 8-15
Wool 16 54 coinCoins 6 h 5 xpExperience 5-8
  1. The first number indicates the time required to catch the animal or the produce necessary to make the animal good. The second time indicates the time required to extract it.
  2. Data is given as an indication. It may be erroneous.

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