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Bacon and Eggs
Bacon and Eggs
Level 11
Price (coins) 56 Coin
Min. price 1 in the market
Max. price 201 in the market
Experience 24 Experience
Source BBQ Grill
Time 1 h
★★★ 51 min
Ingredients Eggs (4)
Bacon (2)

Bacon and Eggs can be produced on the BBQ Grill. Bacon and eggs are unlocked on Level 11, take 60 minutes to produce and require 4 eggs and units of 2 bacon.
The player will be asked for 4-8 bacon and eggs for each crate on a boat order.


Gamers who are going to sell bacon and eggs in the mid 70's (coins, that is) per unit and below should buy the bacon (at reasonable prices near base market price) and produce their own eggs. If gamers are going to sell bacon and eggs above the mid 70's per unit, they should buy both bacon and eggs. These suggestions are for profit maximization across time.

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