Beach Cafe Outside3

The beach café is a service building unlocked at reputation level 13 in the player's town.

It is the last building to be unlocked in the town.


The appearance of the beach café changes as the player upgrades it:

Beach Cafe Outside1 Beach Cafe Outside2 Beach Cafe Outside3
Outside Stage 1 Outside Stage 2 Outside Stage 3
Beach Cafe Inside1 Beach Cafe Inside2 Beach Cafe Inside3
Inside Stage 1 Inside Stage 2 Inside Stage 3


The beach café costs 71,000 coinCoins and takes 2 days (or 99 diamonds) to build.


  • When the beach café is at level 1, it takes 2 hours (or ? diamonds) to serve a customer and 7 ReputationReputation are awarded.
  • Serving time can be reduced to 1 hour and 12 minutes at most.
  • Points can be increased to a maximum of 11 ReputationReputation per customer.


Main article: Service Buildings

Hammers, hand drills and tar buckets are required to upgrade the beach café.

Hammer Hand Drill Tar Bucket


Customers visiting the beach café usually require:

Strategy tips

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