B&B Outside3

The bed and breakfast (or B&B) is a service building unlocked at reputation level 5 in the player's town.


The appearance of the B&B changes as the player upgrades it:

B&B Outside1 B&B Outside2 B&B Outside3
Outside Stage 1 Outside Stage 2 Outside Stage 3
B&B Inside1 B&B Inside2 B&B Inside3
Inside Stage 1 Inside Stage 2 Inside Stage 3


The B&B costs 31,000 coinCoins and takes 1 day and 8 hours (or 83 diamonds) to build.


  • When the B&B is at level 1, it takes 8 hours (or ? diamonds) to serve a customer and 26 ReputationReputation are awarded.
  • Serving time can be reduced to 4 hours and 48 minutes at most.
  • Points can be increased to a maximum of 42 ReputationReputation per customer.


Main article: Service Buildings

Bricks, hand drills and paint buckets are required to upgrade the B&B.

Brick Hand Drill Paint Bucket


Customers visiting the B&B usually require:

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