Beehive Tree Stage 4

The beehive tree is a shelter for honey bees, or more exactly the beehives the bees live in. It is unlocked at level 39.

It can be grown to shelter more beehives and therefore more honey bees.


The growth cycle of the tree depends on how much nectar has been brought to the beehives by the bees:

  • when bees have collected 4,000 drops of nectar the tree gets another beehive and can hold up three more bees.
  • the same happens when bees have collected 40,000 drops.
  • the same happens when bees have collected 400,000 drops. The tree stops growing then.

As the tree grows its overall appearance changes:

Beehive Tree Stage 1 Beehive Tree Stage 2 Beehive Tree Stage 3 Beehive Tree Stage 4

In addition to beehive(s) the beehive tree also has a bee smoker tied around its trunk and a honey jar on the ground next to it. These also evolve with the tree.


The beehive tree can be purchased in the shop for 4,000 coinCoins. ShopShop Icon

Beehives come with the tree and do not have to be bought. Each beehive can house three bees.

Players can only have one beehive tree.


The tree itself does not produce anything: bees produce honeycomb within the beehives hung in the tree. Honeycomb is produced instantaneously once a hundred drops of nectar has been brought to the beehive. This takes approximately 35 minutes if bushes are close to the tree.

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