Blackberry Bush

Blackberry bushes are a type of bush unlocked at experience level 26.

Each bush can give up to 13 blackberries, which are collected over 4 harvests.


NoImage Blackberry Bush Stage 2 Blackberry Bush Blackberry Bush Dead
Stage 1 Stage 2 Ready Dead


ShopShop Icon Blackberry bushes can be purchased in the shop for 530 coins each.


The time between harvests is 1 day and 7 hours for each bush. Each harvest yields additional blackberries:

Blackberry Bush Harvest 2
Blackberry Bush Harvest 3
Blackberry Bush
2 blackberries 3 blackberries 4 blackberries


Blackberry Bush Revival

After the third harvest the bush wilts. A player can ask for another player to revive it by tapping on it and placing a sign on the bush. When another player revives it a final harvest of four blackberries can be collected before the bush dies.



A axe is needed to remove a dead bush from the farm. Note that players may also use an axe to remove the bush after the third harvest instead of placing it up for revival.