Note: this page is about the calico kitten, not to be confused with the calico cat.
Calico Kitten

Calico kittens are pet animals unlocked at experience level 56.

They give players experience points in exchange for milk.


Calico Kitten Sleeping Calico Kitten Tired


Kitten House

Each kitten costs 20 blue vouchers, 15 purple vouchers and 4 golden vouchers, or 1,670 diamonds. They must be placed near a kitten house to be bought. Players can have two calico kittens.

Kittens and kitten houses can be bought from the Shop. ShopShop Icon


When given milk kittens drink then roam around their house for six hours and finally fall asleep. Players can immediately wake them up to receive 40 xpExperience per animal. Kittens stay asleep otherwise.

Kittens which have been woken up but are not given milk for a long while cannot fall asleep and wander around their shelter looking very sleepy and tired.

Strategy tips

  • Waking kittens one by one instead of all at once can increase your chance of getting a random supply item.

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