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Cow Full

Cow Hungry

Production time 1 h
Produces Milk
Fed with Cow Feed
Housed in Cow Pasture
1st group Level 6
2nd group Level 15
3rd group Level 27
1-5 cows 50 Coin
6-10 cows 600 Coin
11-15 cows 1,150 Coin

Cows are farm animals which produce milk every one hour. They are housed in cow pastures and unlocked at Level 6.

At Level 6 each cow costs 50 coins and up to five cows can be put in a pasture. A second pasture becomes available at Level 15 and five more cows can be purchased for 600 coins a cow. A third and last pasture unlocks at level 27. Five more cows can be then bought for 1,150 coins a cow.

Cows are purchased via the animal tab of the shop.


Cows must be fed with cow feed to produce milk. One bag of cow feed can feed up to three cows. It takes 10 minutes to make and requires:


The milk cows produce can be used in the Dairy to make cream, butter and cheese.

Milk is also used to feed cats.


  • During summer cows wear sunglasses and hair ties.
  • During Halloween cows are dressed as witches.
  • During winter cows wear green scarves.
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