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Currencies' come in four forms: coins, diamonds, vouchers and gift cards. These currencies are used to purchase everything in the game.



Main article: Coin

Coins are the main currency of the game.

They are used to buy farm items from the shop and products from other players' roadside shops. They are also used to unlock several areas such as the the mine, the Fishing Lake and more.

Coins can be earned by completing truck, boat and town orders, and selling goods to visitors and other players in roadside shops.

They can randomly be found by opening Mystery Boxes, spinning the Wheel of Fortune and popping one of Tom's "percent" balloons. Players can also purchase coins as an in-app purchase with real-world money.

At the start of the game, players are given 350 coins.



Main article: Diamond

Diamonds are the 'premium' currency of the game. They mostly help players do tasks more quickly and are used to buy certain decorations, but they are not required to unlock any feature. For example players can use them to skip waiting times or get missing items.

Diamonds are mainly earned by completing achievements, participating in global events, leveling up and catching new fish. They may also be found in Mystery Boxes, the mine and one of Tom's "percent" balloons. Players can also purchase diamonds as an in-app purchase with real-world money.

At the start of the game, players are given 30 diamonds.

Gift cards

Gift Card

Main article: Gift Card

Gift cards are rewards players get for helping other players, either by reviving their dead trees and bushes or by filling one of their boat crates. They are unlocked at level 15.

Gift cards are used to purchase mystery packages from the catalogue.


Green Voucher

Main article: Voucher

Vouchers are used to buy pets and some decorations, and to make special fishing lures. There come in four colors -- green, blue, purple, and golden-- and are unlocked at level 20.

Vouchers are earned by completing boat orders, truck orders for metal bars and refined coal and jewelry, and participating in global events or derbies. They can also be found in Mystery Boxes and won in the Wheel of Fortune. Players can also buy them using diamonds.

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