Package decorations

Package decorations come as prizes when buying special diamond packages. They are only available for about a week but may become available in the shop later.

Supercell offers three types of packages for each event:

  • A small decoration or five fences with 130 diaDiamond for US$/€ 4.99
  • A medium decoration with 275 diaDiamond for US$/€ 9.99
  • A large decoration with 1,500 diaDiamond for US$/€ 39.99

The company also takes part in some charity events with Apple. In this case, only the small package is available, and only iOS users can buy it. 100% of the proceeds from players' purchases goes to the charity organization.

Event Small Medium Large
WWF charity event

Apr. 14-24, 2016
Panda Statue
Panda Statue
Hay Day Birthday

Jun. 27-Jul. 3, 2016
Bouncy Castle
Bouncy Castle★

Aug. 1-8, 2016
Blue Fence
Blue Fence (x5)
Pink Trumpet Tree
Pink Trumpet Tree
Wooden Elephant
Wooden Elephant

Oct. 3-10, 2016
Flower Fence
Flower Fence (x5)
Wisteria Tree
Wisteria Tree
Rhino Statue
Rhino Statue
(RED) charity event

Dec. 1-6, 2016
Hero Wicker
Hero Wicker★
Chinese New Year

Jan. 27-Feb. 3, 2017
Chinese Fence
Chinese Fence (x5)
Chinese Gate
Chinese Gate
Chinese Chicken Statue
Chinese Chicken Statue★
Spring 2017
Apr. 28-May 5, 2017
Pencil Fence
Pencil Fence (x5)
Royal Poinciana Tree
Royal Poinciana Tree
Gorilla Statue
Gorilla Statue

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