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Wildlife decorations come as rewards for unlocking wildlife animals in the town. Each unlocked animal unlocks two different decorations. The two items are given for free once, when players unlock the animal. It is up to the player to place them down. Players then have to spend coins or vouchers to buy more items.

Item Animal Rep. level Initial cost XP
Lala Palm
Lala Palm★
Beige Giraffe33 bluevBlue Voucher
5 greenvGreen Voucher
Rock Formation
Rock Formation★
Beige Giraffe35,000 coinCoins
Acacia Tree
Acacia Tree★
Yellow Giraffe33 bluevBlue Voucher
1 purplevPurple Voucher
Ice Plant
Ice Plant★
Yellow Giraffe35,000 coinCoins
Baobab Tree
Baobab Tree★
Grey Elephant31 purplevPurple Voucher
5 greenvGreen Voucher
Termite Mound
Termite Mound★
Grey Elephant35,000 coinCoins
Tall Grass
Tall Grass★
Brown Elephant35,000 coinCoins
Dry Log
Dry Log★
Brown Elephant35 greenvGreen Voucher
1 purplevPurple Voucher
Rock Pond
Rock Pond★
Brown Hippo33 bluevBlue Voucher
1 purplevPurple Voucher
Short Bush
Short Bush
Brown Hippo35,000 coinCoins
Palm Tree
Palm Tree★
Grey Hippo33 bluevBlue Voucher
5 greenvGreen Voucher
Aloe Plant
Aloe Plant
Grey Hippo35,000 coinCoins

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