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Neighborhood Derby Win

Derby tasks are tasks which can be achieved in derbies. Depending on the time they might take and their difficulty they can award from 50 to 320 points.

Animal goods

Collect animal goods. Players cannot buy the goods through Tom or roadside shops and need to produce and collect themselves.

Product Quantity Time Points
Bacon1211 h 30 min57
Bacon1313 h63
Bacon1516 h77
Bacon3022 h147
Bacon351 d167
Bacon391 d 2 h182
Bacon401 d 3 h186
Bacon501 d 4 h235
Bacon511 d 4 h240
Bacon531 d 5 h250
Bacon551 d 6 h260
Bacon571 d 7 h270
Bacon581 d 7 h275
Bacon601 d 8 h285
Bacon621 d 9 h295
Bacon631 d 10 h300
Bacon641 d 10 h305
Bacon651 d 11 h310
Bacon661 d 11 h315
Bacon671 d 11 h320
Eggs183 h56
Eggs253 h 30 min76
Eggs273 h 30 min81
Eggs535 h139
Eggs555 h143
Eggs585 h 30 min150
Eggs605 h 30 min155
Eggs706 h178
Eggs756 h190
Eggs966 h 30 min236
Eggs986 h 30 min240
Eggs1057 h254
Eggs1107 h264
Eggs1147 h272
Eggs1157 h274
Eggs1177 h 30 min278
Eggs1207 h 30 min284
Eggs1227 h 30 min288
Eggs1237 h 30 min290
Eggs1277 h 30 min298
Eggs1287 h 30 min300
Eggs1297 h 30 min302
Eggs1307 h 30 min304
Eggs1327 h 30 min308
Eggs1338 h310
Eggs1348 h312
Eggs1358 h314
Eggs1368 h316
Eggs1378 h318
Eggs1388 h320
Goat milk121 d 7 h82
Goat milk131 d 10 h90
Goat milk191 d 13 h130
Goat milk201 d 14 h135
Goat milk231 d 18 h150
Goat milk251 d 20 h160
Goat milk282 d 0 h175
Goat milk302 d 12 h185
Goat milk402 d 12 h258
Goat milk432 d 12 h278
Goat milk443 d 0 h285
Goat milk453 d292
Goat milk463 d299
Goat milk473 d306
Goat milk483 d313
Goat milk493 d320
Milk175 h 30 min75
Milk185 h 30 min80
Milk196 h85
Milk307 h123
Milk358 h140
Milk398 h 30 min153
Milk409 h157
Milk4510 h173
Milk5010 h 30 min190
Milk6011 h230
Milk6211 h 30 min237
Milk6411 h 30 min244
Milk6511 h 30 min247
Milk6611 h 30 min251
Milk6912 h261
Milk7012 h265
Milk7112 h268
Milk7212 h272
Milk7312 h275
Milk7513 h282
Milk7713 h289
Milk8013 h299
Milk8113 h303
Milk8213 h306
Milk8313 h310
Milk8413 h313
Milk8513 h317
Milk8613 h320
Wool1114 h50
Wool1318 h63
Wool1420 h70
Wool161 d83
Wool171 d 2 h90
Wool251 d 5 h132
Wool351 d 12 h171
Wool391 d 14 h186
Wool401 d 15 h190
Wool481 d 17 h241
Wool501 d 18 h251
Wool511 d 19 h256
Wool521 d 20 h262
Wool531 d 20 h267
Wool551 d 22 h278
Wool571 d ? h288
Wool592 d 12 h299
Wool602 d 12 h304
Wool612 d 12 h309
Wool622 d 12 h315
Wool632 d 12 h320

Boat orders

Complete and send off boats. The task is counted once all crates have been filled and the boat is on its way. Players can either produce and collect themselves or buy products through Tom or roadside shops to fill the orders. Other players can help fill some of the crates.

Number Time Points
1Until Derby Ends120
2Until Derby Ends220
3Until Derby Ends270
4Until Derby Ends320


Feed farm animals (chickens, cows, goats, pigs and sheep), not pets.

Number Time Points
2512 h58
3312 h68
4613 h84
5013 h89
8616 h124
10017 h154
11018 h175
11618 h188
16222 h230
16323 h233
16423 h235
16523 h238
16623 h241
16823 h246
16923 h249
17023 h252
1711 d255
1751 d265
1761 d268
1771 d271
1781 d274
1791 d276
1801 d 1 h279
1811 d 1 h282
1821 d 1 h285
1831 d 1 h287
1851 d 1 h293
1861 d 1 h295
1871 d 1 h298
1881 d 2 h301
1891 d 2 h304
1901 d 2 h306
1911 d 2 h309
1921 d 2 h312
1931 d 2 h315
1941 d 2 h317
1951 d 2 h320


Catch lbs-kg of fish with lures. Fishing with nets does not count. Players cannot buy the fish through Tom or roadside shops and need to fish themselves.

Quantity Time Points
10 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends50
13 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends58
14 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends61
16 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends66
17 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends69
18 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends71
19 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends74
20 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends77
24 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends87
25 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends90
35 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends120
39 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends131
40 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends134
45 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends148
50 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends162
55 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends176
56 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends179
59 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends187
75 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends230
77 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends235
78 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends238
80 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends243
82 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends248
83 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends251
85 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends256
86 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends258
88 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends263
89 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends266
90 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends269
91 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends271
92 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends274
93 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends276
94 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends279
95 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends281
96 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends284
97 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends287
98 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends289
99 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends292
100 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends294
101 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends297
102 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends299
103 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends302
104 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends305
105 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends307
106 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends310
107 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends312
108 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends315
109 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends317
110 lbs-kgUntil Derby Ends320


Harvest fields. It is the harvesting of the field that counts, not how many crops are collected. Players cannot buy the crops through Tom or roadside shops and need to produce and collect themselves.

Crop Quantity Time Points
Carrots1704 h 30 min128
Carrots1804 h 30 min131
Carrots1904 h 30 min154
Carrots2004 h 30 min167
Carrots4006 h 250
Carrots4706 h263
Carrots5006 h282
Carrots5206 h295
Carrots5306 h 30 min301
Carrots5406 h 30 min307
Carrots5506 h 30 min314
Carrots5606 h 30 min320
Chili peppers11620 h125
Chili peppers13023 h149
Chili peppers1501 d 3 h183
Chili peppers2401 d 6 h250
Chili peppers2601 d 8 h271
Chili peppers2701 d 8 h280
Chili peppers2751 d 9 h285
Chili peppers2801 d 9 h292
Chili peppers2851 d 10 h295
Chili peppers2951 d 11 h305
Chili peppers3001 d 11 h310
Chili peppers3051 d 12 h315
Chili peppers3101 d 12 h320
Corn2204 h154
Corn2304 h166
Corn5205 h230
Corn5505 h245
Corn6005 h270
Corn6205 h280
Corn6305 h285
Corn6405 h290
Corn6505 h295
Corn6605 h300
Corn6705 h305
Corn6805 h310
Corn6905 h315
Corn7005 h320
Cotton14016 h158
Cotton14317 h163
Cotton2701 d 2 h265
Cotton2901 d 3 h285
Cotton3001 d 4 h296
Cotton3101 d 4 h305
Cotton3151 d 4 h310
Cotton3201 d 5 h315
Cotton3251 d 5 h320
Indigo407 h51
Indigo488 h63
Indigo559 h74
Indigo13013 h138
Indigo15315 h177
Indigo25020 h238
Indigo26021 h248
Indigo27021 h257
Indigo28022 h267
Indigo29022 h276
Indigo29522 h281
Indigo30022 h286
Indigo31023 h296
Indigo31523 h301
Indigo32023 h305
Indigo3251 d310
Indigo3301 d315
Indigo3351 d320
Lettuce379 h 30 min50
Lettuce6016 h85
Lettuce13020 h147
Lettuce14022 h164
Lettuce1501 d181
Lettuce2601 d 4 h267
Lettuce2701 d 5 h278
Lettuce2801 d 5 h288
Lettuce2901 d 6 h299
Lettuce2951 d 7 h304
Lettuce3001 d 7 h309
Lettuce3051 d 8 h315
Lettuce3101 d 8 h320
Potatoes4011 h55
Potatoes5514 h78
Potatoes12019 h130
Potatoes12420 h137
Potatoes14023 h164
Potatoes1501 d 1 h181
Potatoes2301 d 3 h236
Potatoes2351 d 3 h242
Potatoes2551 d 5 h262
Potatoes2601 d 5 h268
Potatoes2751 d 6 h283
Potatoes2851 d 7 h294
Potatoes2951 d 8 h304
Potatoes3001 d 8 h310
Potatoes3051 d 9 h315
Potatoes3101 d 9 h320
Pumpkins409 h53
Pumpkins4510 h 30 min64
Pumpkins5011 h 30 min68
Pumpkins6014 h84
Pumpkins13018 h145
Pumpkins14019 h162
Pumpkins2451 d246
Pumpkins2501 d 1 h251
Pumpkins2551 d 1 h256
Pumpkins2601 d 2 h262
Pumpkins2701 d 4 h272
Pumpkins2801 d 5 h288
Pumpkins2901 d 6 h292
Pumpkins3001 d 8 h303
Pumpkins3101 d 8 h310
Pumpkins3151 d 9 h315
Pumpkins3201 d 9 h320
Rice745 h 30 min89
Rice1657 h 30 min173
Rice29510 h237
Rice30010 h241
Rice33011 h268
Rice35011 h 30 min284
Rice35511 h 30 min289
Rice37012 h303
Rice37513 h307
Rice38013 h311
Rice38513 h316
Rice39013 h320
Soybeans804 h73
Soybeans1705 h 30 min156
Soybeans4007 h 30 min270
Soybeans3506 h 30 min202
Soybeans3607 h241
Soybeans3807 h 30 min256
Soybeans4258 h290
Soybeans4308 h294
Soybeans4358 h297
Soybeans4508 h308
Soybeans4558 h 30 min312
Soybeans4608 h 30 min316
Soybeans4658 h 30 min320
Strawberries1472 d 12 h185
Strawberries2352 d 12 h260
Strawberries2452 d 12 h271
Strawberries2502 d 12 h277
Strawberries2803 d309
Strawberries2853 d315
Strawberries2903 d320
Sugarcane654 h 30 min73
Sugarcane1476 h135
Sugarcane1506 h139
Sugarcane1606 h154
Sugarcane3209 h235
Sugarcane3259 h239
Sugarcane3309 h243
Sugarcane3359 h247
Sugarcane3409 h251
Sugarcane3509 h259
Sugarcane3709 h275
Sugarcane3809 h 30 min284
Sugarcane3859 h 30 min288
Sugarcane3959 h 30 min296
Sugarcane4009 h 30 min300
Sugarcane4059 h 30 min304
Sugarcane4109 h 30 min308
Sugarcane4159 h 30 min312
Sugarcane4209 h 30 min316
Sugarcane4259 h 30 min320
Tomatoes1391 d 12 h169
Tomatoes2201 d 17 h239
Tomatoes2251 d 18 h244
Tomatoes2301 d 19 h250
Tomatoes2401 d 20 h260
Tomatoes2702 d293
Tomatoes2752 d 12 h298
Tomatoes2802 d 12 h304
Tomatoes2852 d 12 h309
Tomatoes2902 d 12 h315
Tomatoes2952 d 12 h320
Wheat913 h 57
Wheat1503 h85
Wheat2803 h 30 min155
Wheat3153 h 30 min190
Wheat7504 h 30 min240
Wheat8704 h 30 min286
Wheat9004 h 30 min297
Wheat9104 h 30 min301
Wheat9204 h 30 min305
Wheat9304 h 30 min309
Wheat9404 h 30 min312
Wheat9504 h 30 min316
Wheat9604 h 30 min320


Help other farmers. Revive trees and bushes or complete boat crates.

Quantity Time Points
3Until Derby Ends50
4Until Derby Ends63
5Until Derby Ends77
9Until Derby Ends120
10Until Derby Ends132
11Until Derby Ends143
12Until Derby Ends155
13Until Derby Ends167
14Until Derby Ends178
15Until Derby Ends190
19Until Derby Ends230
20Until Derby Ends238
21Until Derby Ends246
22Until Derby Ends255
23Until Derby Ends263
24Until Derby Ends271
25Until Derby Ends279
26Until Derby Ends287
27Until Derby Ends295
28Until Derby Ends304
29Until Derby Ends312
30Until Derby Ends320


Excavate ores from the mine using mining tools. Players cannot buy the ore through Tom or roadside shops and need to produce and collect themselves.

Quantity Time Points
9Until Derby Ends50
10Until Derby Ends55
11Until Derby Ends60
12Until Derby Ends65
13Until Derby Ends70
14Until Derby Ends75
15Until Derby Ends80
16Until Derby Ends85
17Until Derby Ends90
30Until Derby Ends131
33Until Derby Ends142
35Until Derby Ends149
36Until Derby Ends153
40Until Derby Ends168
41Until Derby Ends172
42Until Derby Ends175
44Until Derby Ends183
45Until Derby Ends186
59Until Derby Ends234
60Until Derby Ends236
61Until Derby Ends239
62Until Derby Ends241
63Until Derby Ends243
65Until Derby Ends247
66Until Derby Ends249
67Until Derby Ends251
68Until Derby Ends254
69Until Derby Ends256
70Until Derby Ends258
72Until Derby Ends262
74Until Derby Ends266
75Until Derby Ends269
77Until Derby Ends273
78Until Derby Ends275
79Until Derby Ends277
80Until Derby Ends279
82Until Derby Ends284
83Until Derby Ends286
84Until Derby Ends288
85Until Derby Ends290
86Until Derby Ends292
87Until Derby Ends294
88Until Derby Ends296
89Until Derby Ends299
90Until Derby Ends301
91Until Derby Ends303
92Until Derby Ends305
93Until Derby Ends307
94Until Derby Ends309
95Until Derby Ends311
96Until Derby Ends314
97Until Derby Ends316
98Until Derby Ends318
99Until Derby Ends320


Produce and collect products. Players cannot buy the products through Tom or roadside shops and need to produce and collect themselves.

Product Quantity Time Points
Apple Juice519 h120
Apple Juice91 d 9 h230
Apple Juice111 d 16 h275
Apple Juice121 d 20 h298
Apple Juice131 d 23 h320
Bacon and Eggs181 d 9 h275
Bacon and Eggs191 d 11 h286
Bacon and Eggs201 d 12 h298
Bacon and Eggs211 d 14 h309
Bacon and Eggs221 d 16 h320
Baked Potatoes78 h120
Baked Potatoes1415 h275
Baked Potatoes1516 h290
Baked Potatoes1617 h305
Baked Potatoes1718 h320
Blue Woolly Hats45 h 30 min50
Blue Woolly Hats1315 h167
Blue Woolly Hats231 d 1 h298
Blue Woolly Hats241 d ? h309
Blue Woolly Hats251 d 3 h320
Blackberry Muffins1521 h256
Blackberry Muffins1723 h281
Blackberry Muffins181 d 1 h294
Blackberry Muffins191 d 2 h307
Blackberry Muffins201 d 3 h320
Carrot Cakes311 h50
Carrot Cakes720 h120
Carrot Cakes141 d 14 h275
Carrot Cakes161 d 20 h305
Carrot Cakes171 d 22 h320
Chili Popcorn315 h90
Chili Popcorn519 h120
Chili Popcorn623 h155
Chili Popcorn71 d 3 h190
Chili Popcorn121 d 20 h298
Chili Popcorn131 d 23 h320
Cotton Shirts913 h143
Cotton Shirts1015 h167
Cotton Shirts1419 h243
Cotton Shirts1521 h256
Cotton Shirts1622 h269
Cotton Shirts1723 h281
Cotton Shirts181 d 1 h294
Cotton Shirts191 d 2 h307
Cotton Shirts201 d 3 h320
Feta Pies27 h 30 min50
Feta Pies311 h90
Feta Pies91 d 1 h230
Feta Pies131 d 12 h302
Feta Pies141 d 14 h320
Goat Cheese91 d 2 h190
Goat Cheese111 d 6 h230
Goat Cheese161 d 20 h305
Goat Cheese171 d 22 h320
Green Smoothies415 h90
Green Smoothies121 d 13 h266
Green Smoothies141 d 19 h302
Green Smoothies151 d 21 h320
Honey Toast512 h70
Honey Toast1223 h143
Honey Toast181 d 9 h241
Honey Toast201 d 12 h264
Honey Toast221 d 16 h286
Honey Toast241 d 20 h309
Honey Toast251 d 21 h320
Hot Chocolate1323 h138
Hot Chocolate221 d248
Hot Chocolate231 d 11 h257
Hot Chocolate261 d 16 h284
Hot Chocolate271 d 17 h293
Hot Chocolate281 d 19 h302
Hot Chocolate291 d 20 h311
Hot Chocolate301 d 20 h320
Hot Dogs511 h 30 min63
Hot Dogs1121 h120
Hot Dogs191 d 9 h240
Hot Dogs221 d 13 h270
Hot Dogs231 d 15 h280
Hot Dogs251 d 18 h300
Hot Dogs261 d 20 h310
Hot Dogs27?320
Lemon Curd241 d 18 h300
Lemon Curd251 d 20 h310
Lemon Curd261 d 21 h320
Olive Oil81 d155
Olive Oil141 d 14 h275
Olive Oil151 d 17 h290
Olive Oil161 d 19 h305
Olive Oil171 d 21 h320
Potato Bread415 h90
Potato Bread111 d 7 h230
Potato Bread141 d 16 h284
Potato Bread151 d 19 h302
Potato Bread161 d 21 h320
Pumpkin Pies315 h90
Pumpkin Pies111 d 14 h275
Pumpkin Pies121 d 18 h298
Pumpkin Pies131 d 21 h320
Raspberry Candles28 h 30 m50
Raspberry Candles101 d 8 h260
Raspberry Candles111 d 11 h290
Raspberry Candles121 d 14 h320
Red Berry Cakes410 h70
Red Berry Cakes816 h120
Red Berry Cakes918 h155
Red Berry Cakes161 d 5 h290
Red Berry Cakes171 d 7 h305
Red Berry Cakes181 d 9 h320
Strawberry Candles210 h50
Strawberry Candles315 h90
Strawberry Candles91 d 9 h230
Strawberry Candles101 d 12 h275
Strawberry Candles111 d 16 h320
Sushi Rolls38 h 30 min90
Sushi Rolls1122 h290
Sushi Rolls121 d 1 h320
Sweaters210 h50
Sweaters315 h90
Sweaters121 d 20 h298
Sweaters131 d 23 h320
Syrup415 h90
Syrup121 d 9 h245
Syrup131 d 12 h260
Syrup141 d 14 h275
Syrup161 d 20 h305
Syrup171 d 22 h320
Toffee720 h120
Toffee823 h155
Toffee121 d 9 h248
Toffee131 d 12 h266
Toffee151 d 17 h302
Toffee161 d 20 h320
Tofu Dogs710 h155
Tofu Dogs913 h230
Tofu Dogs1014 h248
Tofu Dogs1318 h302
Tofu Dogs1419 h320
Tomato Juice415 h90
Tomato Juice111 d 6 h230
Tomato Juice151 d 17 h290
Tomato Juice161 d 20 h305
Tomato Juice171 d 22 h320
Vanilla Ice Cream210 h50
Vanilla Ice Cream71 d 3 h190
Vanilla Ice Cream111 d 16 h275
Vanilla Ice Cream121 d 20 h298
Vanilla Ice Cream131 d 23 h320
Yogurt Smoothies210 h50
Yogurt Smoothies71 d 3 h190
Yogurt Smoothies101 d 12 h248
Yogurt Smoothies141 d 23 h320

Strategy tips - You can produce and not release items from a machine beyond the number of slots of your machine if your barn is full. A maximum of 9 items can be seen "hanging" on the machine ready to be released, but there could be more already prepared and not visible (up to max of 56). For example, if you want to prepare 14 yogurt smoothies for the 320-pt task and you have only 7 slots, by carefully keeping your barn full, you can fill those slots twice ahead of time so that you can have 14 smoothies ready to be released when the 320-pt task shows up. This strategy is for those who want to finish a task quickly. This can be tricky as making one yogurt smoothie will reduce your barn load by 2 items (1 sugar, 1 cream). You will need to fill your barn again after each smoothie you place in the slots.

Production: combos

Quantity Time Points
Goat Cheesex8 Olive Oilx8 Strawberry Candlex51 d 6 h260

Specific town visitor orders

Fully serve one type of visitor (e.g. the Actress) in your town. The character needs to be served in all the buildings they request. When the visitor presents a gift, it means he/she has been fully served. Players can either produce and collect themselves or buy products through Tom or roadside shops to fill the orders. The visitor can be served ahead of time but must be released from the last requested building only after the derby task has been selected. The visitor can be supplied by either the Eggspress Train or the Personal Train.

Number Time Points
1Until Derby Ends50
2Until Derby Ends90
3Until Derby Ends120
4Until Derby Ends155
5Until Derby Ends190
6Until Derby Ends230
7Until Derby Ends260
8Until Derby Ends290
9Until Derby Ends320

Strategy tips

  • If you do not have the desired visitors, one strategy is to reject all visitors from the Eggspress Train and bring in the desired visitors using only the Personal Train as they require to be serviced at only one building. It is preferable to choose visitors who need services that require the least time, such as the Grocery Store, Beach Cafe or Gift Shop. The next preferable would be the Spa, Cinema or Diner. Note that the Diner service time can be minimized to 1H 30min when upgraded to the maximum of 40% time. Bnb takes the longest time and is to be avoided.
  • In choosing which passenger to pick up with your Personal Train, note that neither you nor your neighbor can tell which building visitors need BEFORE they have been rejected. However, the visitors will retain their identities (e.g. Susan the Actress will remain Susan the Actress). Once they have been rejected and reached the train station, you would be able to see which service they need at your town. Having a helpful neighborhood that is actively playing town and reads chats is most helpful! It's also helpful to maximize the capacity (10 passengers) and minimize the maintenance time (1.5 hour) of your Personal Train.
  • Pre-derby Preparation: It's a gamble as to which Specific visitor task will show up, but you could collect sets of a specific visitor and keep them idling until the appropriate task shows up. (e.g. collect 9 mechanics if you are going for a 320-pt task.) If you serve all of them at one time it will be difficult to release just the ones you want when a task appears.
  • You might aim for four sets of 9 visitors and one set of 6 visitors. (e.g. 9 each of Actresses, Ladies, Mechanics, Salesmen and 6 of Strongmen to fill a town of 42.) This way you have 4 different types of visitors ready to be serviced when the corresponding task shows up and one that requires only 3 more. This preparation requires all visitors to be brought in with your Personal Train and requires extensive time to prepare before derby begins.

Town visitors orders

Fully serve any visitors in your town. Town visitors need to be served in all the buildings they request. When the visitor presents a gift, it means he/she has been fully served. Players can either produce and collect themselves or buy products through Tom or roadside shops to fill the orders. The visitor can be served ahead of time but be released from the last requested building only after the derby task has been selected. The visitor can be supplied by either the Eggspress Train or the Personal Train.

Number Time Points
2Until Derby Ends50
3Until Derby Ends63
4Until Derby Ends77
5Until Derby Ends90
8Until Derby Ends120
9Until Derby Ends134
10Until Derby Ends148
11Until Derby Ends162
12Until Derby Ends176
13Until Derby Ends190
16Until Derby Ends230
17Until Derby Ends243
18Until Derby Ends256
19Until Derby Ends269
20Until Derby Ends281
21Until Derby Ends294
22Until Derby Ends307
23Until Derby Ends320

Strategy tips - Before the derby begins try to get as many town visitors completely served as possible. Then when the task comes you can quickly complete it and move on to another.

Town visitors orders: combos

Number Time Points
2x1 2x1 1x1Until Derby Ends143

Truck orders

Complete truck deliveries. The task is counted once the truck is on its way. Players can either produce and collect themselves or buy products through Tom or roadside shops to fill the orders.

Number Time Points
34 h 30 m50
46 h60
57 h 30 m70
69 h80
710 h 30 m90
1113 h132
1214 h143
1417 h167
1518 h178
1619 h190
2020 h230
2121 h238
2222 h245
2323 h253
241 d260
251 d 1 h268
261 d 2 h275
271 d 3 h283
281 d 4 h290
291 d 5 h298
301 d 6 h305
311 d 7 h313
321 d 8 h320


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