Thematic derbies are derbies where some tasks are worth more points and players have better chances to win some rewards.

400-point tasks are the same as 320-point tasks. During thematic derbies, they are simply worth 25% more points. However, during mystery derbies, even tasks normally worth less than 320 points may show up as 400-point tasks.

All tasks in the thematic derbies will also increase combo tasks that contain tasks or production items specified in the theme. This means there will also be a higher rate of appearance of items not mentioned in the theme by virtual of their being present in the combo's along with the specified items.

Thematic derbies are not always exactly the same. This article lists the most recent versions.

Animal derby

Animal Derby

Bingo derby

Bingo derbies increase chances to win extra rewards or extra points. Neighborhood members are given a random bingo card where they can try and complete one to three lines (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).

Lines are composed of squares. Each square shows an usual derby task, which must be accomplished once or several times. When one or more lines are completed the bingo part of the derby is over for the neighborhood. The usual derby continues normally. Accomplished bingo squares have a blue background.

Hay Day The Bingo Derby

Hay Day The Bingo Derby

Strategy tips - To complete three lines you need to complete one of the two diagonals, and one of the vertical lines and horizontal lines intersecting with the diagonal on the same square. Moreover, you need to complete the square where they all intersect last as this puts an end to the bingo.

Birthday derby

Birthday Derby

Blossom derby

Blossom Derby

  • Blossom tasks return to the board when completed. A different player can complete it for additional points, up to 400 points when enough players have completed it.

Camping derby

Camping Derby

  • Boosted tasks

Carnival derby

Carnival Derby

  • Boosted tasks

Easter derby

Easter Derby

Fall derby

Fall Derby

  • Boosted tasks

Fishing derby

Fishing Derby

Friends derby

Friends Derby

Halloween derby

Halloween Derby

Harvest derby

Harvest Derby

  • Boosted tasks

Holiday derby

Holiday Derby

Mystery derby

Mystery Derby

  • Special 400-point mystery tasks on the derby board.
  • The mystery task reveals its details when taken.
  • The mystery task can be any existing derby task.

New Year's derby

New Years Derby

  • Special rewards for top 3 neighborhoods

Party derby

Party Derby

  • Boosted tasks
  • Better chances to win boosters

Picnic derby

Picnic Derby Picnic derbies increase chances for tasks containing:

Berry Smoothie Corn Corn Dog Cotton Shirt Green Smoothie Hot Dog Onion Dog Mixed Smoothie Tofu Dog Yogurt Smoothie

+Town visitors

These are worth a maximum of 400 points. Players also get better chances to win expansion items for the barn and silo.

Power derby

Power Derby

  • More tasks per player
  • Boosted tasks
  • Better chances to win expansion items for the barn and silo
  • Exclusive fall decorations (last threshold)

Summer derby

Summer Derby

Town derby

Town Derby

  • Boosted tasks

Trophy derbies

Trophy Derby

  • Doubled rewards for top 3 neighborhoods

Yoga derby

Yoga Derby

  • Boosted tasks