Grey Elephant

Elephants are one of the animals that can be unlocked in the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Like all other sanctuary animals, players can only have two of them.


Elephants have two different appearances: grey and brown.

Grey Elephant Brown Elephant


Logbook Elephants

Unlike other animals, elephants cannot be bought. Players must unlock them by finding puzzle pieces (which are collected in a log book). 36 pieces are required for each animal.

Elephant House

Players must then buy an elephant house to be able to place the animal in the sanctuary. The elephant house costs ? and can be bought from the Shop. ShopShop Icon.

Players may get a grey elephant for free as they unlock the sanctuary (one animal is given randomly to all players).


Wheat Bundle

When given a wheat bundle elephants eat then roam the sanctuary for ten hours and finally fall asleep. Players can immediately wake them up to receive 25 xpExperience per animal. Elephants stay asleep otherwise.

Elephants which have been woken up but are not fed for a long while cannot fall asleep and wander around looking sleepy and tired.


Each elephant unlocks specific decorations as listed below:

  • The grey elephant unlocks Baobab Trees & Termite Mounds.
  • The brown Elephant unlocks Tall Grass & Dry Logs.

Baobab Tree Termite Mound Tall Grass Dry Log

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