Event Board

The event board serves as a notification board for events (also called bonuses). Events are temporary activities players can participate in to win rewards. Events are unlocked at level 9.


Events currently occur at least once a week, from Friday 11am UTC to Tuesday 11am UTC. While some events happen to celebrate a particular holiday, others can happen at any time, in no particular order.


The event board's appearance changes according to the event that is active in the game. If no event is active, the blank event board (pictured) will be displayed.

Bonus events

Bonus events are events where players can win extra coins, experience points, reputation points,vouchers or puzzle pieces when completing truck, boat and town orders, and selling products to visitors.

These events usually last for 4 days, except for the visitor bonus and the riverboat puzzle bonus which last for 24 hours.

Visitors Bonus Poster Riverboat Bonus Coins Poster Riverboat Bonus XP Poster Riverboat Bonus Puzzles Poster
Visitors Riverboat Riverboat Riverboat



Green Voucher



Puzzle Piece

in every boat

Truck Bonus Coins Poster Truck Bonus XP Poster Town Visitors Bonus Coins Poster Town Visitors Bonus XP Poster
Truck Truck Town visitors Town visitors








Global events

Global events are events where players from all around the world can win a global reward by reaching the community's common goal. Players can also win personal rewards by reaching the five goals given to them.

Players usually win supplies and vouchers when reaching their personal goals, and five diamonds when reaching the common goal. Some events also give players a bonus diamond reward --up to 30 diamonds-- when reaching the 5th personal goal.

These events usually last for 4 days.

Fishing Season Poster Riverboat Season Poster Supply Shortage Poster
Lure fishing season Riverboat season Supply shortage
Fish with lures Fill complete boats Fill truck orders

Holiday events

Holiday events are global events taking place on special occasions.

Players usually win holiday decorations, supplies and vouchers when reaching their personal goal, and a special decoration or diamonds when reaching the common goal.

Note: the table below lists each type of events as they most recently occurred. Goals and rewards change every year.

Riverboat Season Poster Fishing Season Poster Riverboat Season Poster Supply Shortage Poster
Halloween 2016 Holiday season 2016 New Year's Day 2017 Chinese New Year's Day 2017
10,000,000 boats in 4 days 300,000,000 lbs of fish in 4 days 12,000,000 boats in 4 days 88,888,888 truck orders in 4 days


Gingerbread House Fireworks Diamond


Supply Shortage Poster Birthday Event Poster
Valentine's Day 2017 Happy 5th Birthday! 2017
132,000,000 truck orders in 4 days 225,555,555 plants revived in 5 days


Hug Statue


Strategy tips

  • To prepare for double coins events, fill up your storage with 15 of each crop and 10 of each product then check the Wiki homepage to see when the event has started.
  • Prepare for Lure Fishing Season by stockpiling colored lures in your Tackle Box.
  • Avoid using Gold Lures during a Lure Fishing Season event as each of the 6 specialty fish can be caught with another type of lure. Save the rare Gold Lures to catch the Speckled Dace, Golden Trout, and Goldfish.

Did you know?

  • Some events have not occurred in a very long time. They will presumably not happen again. This is the case for Crop in Season and Newspaper Ad.
  • The event ad, which appears when you log into the game and a new event has started, can be flicked away (just like the raven).

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