Expansion Permit

Expansion permits are a type of supplies which let players unlock the 9 special expansion areas containing 7 unique decorations.

They are unlocked at experience level 25.

Unlike other expansion items, the permits are not stored in the barn.

Getting permits

Unlike other expansion items, permits cannot be bought or sold.

Permits can be randomly obtained when players:

Once players have the number of permits needed to unlock all areas, they will not get any more permits.

The land that needs these Expansion Permits only requires a total of 59 permits in order to unlock all 9 plots. As stated above, once the player opens all 9 plots they will not be receiving any further permits.

Using permits

Permits are used to unlock 9 special expansion areas located across the road. Each plot of land requires from 1 to 10 permits to be unlocked, as well as usual expansion items (land deeds, mallets and marker stakes).

Strategy tips

  • You can see how many permits you have by tapping on a locked area that has access to a nearby road.