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Experience (or XP) is the player's level in the game. When players have gained enough experience points they change levels, which lets them progress in the game.

Getting experience points

Experience points (xpExperience) can be gained by:

The total experience points players have accumulated corresponds to their farm score. Players can tap on their farmhouse to see the achievement board and their score.

Leveling up

Experience Bar

Experience points come in the form of blue stars (xpExperience), which fill up the bar shown at the top of the screen. When players have accumulated the number of required stars the bar resets to 0 and they change level (or level up), which unlocks new items, new features, and rewards.

Players can view the items unlocked at the next level by tapping their level star.

As the player progresses, reaching the next level requires more and more points. Until level 50 the increase is inconsistent. From level 50 to level 98 reaching the next level always asks for 11,000 more points than required for the previous level. This difference remains the same even past level 100.

As of this writing, we have been advised that Supercell had set the maximum experience level at 500, until players need to have that number increased. The current highest level at this time is 426.

Level thresholds

Level Thresholds
Level Threshold Reward

From level 15 and on, the experience progress bar is divided into parts. When players reach the intermediate thresholds on the bar they are rewarded with supplies, tools, or vouchers.

The number of thresholds increases as the players levels up.

Regular rewards

Fields fieldField and diamonds diaDiamond are regular rewards in the game:

  • Players get additional fields every other level: three until level 49, two until level 99 then one after that.
  • From level 37 and on, players get diamonds every level: two? until level 39, three? until level 49, five until level 59, eight until level 69, ten until level 99, 12 starting at level 101 until level 149?, 15 until level ?, and ? after that.
  • Reaching levels 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 gives players an exceptional bonus of 5, 50, 50, 100 and 200 diamonds respectively.

Table of levels

Main article: Experience Levels

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