The farm is the main area of the game. It is where the majority of the game is played, and also serves as a portal to the two other playable areas of the game: the fishing lake and the town.

Farm Map

Fields, trees and bushes


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Players can place fields anywhere on their land to grow vegetables and fruit. They can also plant fruit trees and bushes wherever they want. Both can be rotated.

Players get new fields every other experience level: three until level 49, two until level 99 then one after that. There is no limit to how many fields you can have.

Main buildings

There are many buildings on the farm (see the map below):

Farm Map2

Farm characters


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Mr. Wicker, a talking scarecrow, guides players through various mechanics as they are unlocked.


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Five different non-player characters come to visit players' farms and request various products.


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Rose, a farmer helper, lives on the cliff above the farm.


Main article: Ernest

Ernest, a farmer helper, lives on the cliff above the farm.



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Many items can be placed on the farm to decorate it, and create paths and fences. The first item is unlocked at experience level 8 (tbc).


Plot Locked

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Upon reaching experience level 22, players can expand their land using expansion supplies.

Layout edit mode

Edit Mode Icon

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From experience level 25 onwards, players can use the Layout Edit Mode to edit the current layout of their farm and to create new ones.

Strategy tips

  • At the beginning of the game, make sure to stock up on land-clearing supplies as you will quickly need room for new machines and animal pens.
  • Some players prefer to keep a natural appearance in their farms by keeping some of the trees, boulders and natural ponds as they cannot be purchased once they have been removed. Trees that can be purchased are different and will not change color with the themes (such as in the Halloween theme.)

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