Farmhouse Final Stage

The farmhouse is a building that is already on a farm when a game is started. It is mainly used to check information on achievements a player has completed, or is trying to complete.


The farmhouse takes on the appearance of a two-story white cape house with a black roof. It changes as the player completes more achievements:

Farmhouse Broken Farmhouse Stage1 Farmhouse Stage2 Farmhouse Stage3 Farmhouse Stage4 Farmhouse Stage5 Farmhouse Stage6 Farmhouse Stage7 Farmhouse Stage8 Farmhouse Final Stage

From mid-December to mid-February Christmas lights are strung all over the house:Farmhouse Christmas

Checking achievements

Players may check achievements by tapping on the farmhouse from experience level 6 and up. This will bring up a menu that shows the progress towards completing an achievement, the rewards that will be given upon completing an achievement, and a player's "Farm Score". The Farm Score is the total number of experience points accumulated.

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