Fish Fillet

Fish fillets are animal goods unlocked at experience level 27.

They are used to make fish burgers, fish pies, fish and chips, frutti di mare pizzas, fish soup, sushi rolls, seafood salad, olive dip and fish tacos.

Like all goods, they are stored in the barn.

Collecting fish fillets

Sockeye Salmon

Fish fillets are collected from fish which have been caught in the fishing lake. If players use lures to catch fish fillets can be yielded in a few seconds. If players use nets they get 3 fillets after 20 hours.

Collecting a fillet gives players between 4 and 20 xpExperience points, depending on the type of fish they caught.

Note that fish cannot be caught using diamonds. Players have to play the mini-game when catching them with lures, or use nets.

Selling fish fillets

Roadside Shop
  • Fish fillet can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 540 coinCoins for 10 pieces.
  • Making red lures or nets to catch fish requires no material and does not cost anything. Making other types of lure requires vouchers.

Using fish fillets

Fish fillets are used to make the following products:

Fish Burger Fish Pie Fish and Chips Frutti di Mare Pizza
Fish Filletx2 Fish Filletx3 Fish Filletx2 Fish Filletx1
Level 27 Level 28 Level 41 Level 45
Fish Soup Sushi Roll Seafood Salad Olive Dip
Fish Filletx2 Fish Filletx1 Fish Filletx1 Fish Filletx1
Level 53 Level 56 Level 64 Level 66
Fish Taco
Fish Filletx1
Level 79

Boat orders


Boat orders require 6 to 9 fillets per crate.

Strategy tips

  • Recipes ask between 1 and 3 fillets.
  • Fillets are so rare that selling them at maximum price is recommended.

See also

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