Friends are other players (and Greg) that the player has added as friends. They are displayed in the friends tab.

Players can access their friends tab by opening their friends bar. They can manage their friends list through the friend book.

Although the player can also add their neighbors as friends, the two are seen as distinct in the game (and therefore show up on two different tabs in the friends bar).

Adding friends through the game


Players can add friends in different ways:

  • They can follow up to 10 farms by tapping on the bookmark icon when visiting them. This adds these players' farms to their friends tab and to the 'following' list in their friend book.
  • They can request other players to become their friends by tapping on the plus icon when visiting them. This sends the player a request, which they can accept or decline.
  • They can share their friend tag with other players. The friend tag is found in the friend book.

Adding friends through Facebook


Players who are connected to Facebook, have their Facebook friends who have also connected Hay Day to their Facebook account automatically added to their friends tab.

This also adds them to the 'social media' tab of their friend book.

Adding friends through GameCenter

Game Center logo

Players using certain versions of iOS devices can add friends through their Game Center friends list. They can also share their GameCenter ID with other players.

Game Center friends are listed in the friends tab and the 'social media' one of the friend book.

Benefits from adding friends

As players add friends, the number of boxes available in their roadside shops increases.

Helping friends

Friends, neighbors and other players who come to a player's farm can:

The farm of a player who needs help with boat orders or reviving plants is marked with an exclamation point for other players to see. The exclamation point stays in place above their farm name until all help requests are filled.

It shows up:

Friends Bar Newspaper Excerpt Farm Needs Help

Benefits from helping other players

  • When fulfilling boat orders player gains coins, leaderboard points and experience points.
  • Helping other players awards gift cards, which can then be used to buy packages from the catalogue.
  • Helping other players is a derby task. The task includes any help given, such as reviving trees and bushes and filling boat orders.
  • Visiting other players' farms increases the chance to get random mystery boxes, beyond those that randomly pop up on a player's own farm.

Strategy tips

  • If you need help, list something for sale in the Roadside Shop and advertise it (leave the green checkmark on).

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