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Goat Full

Goat Hungry

Production time 8 h
Produces Goat Milk
Fed with Goat Feed
Housed in Goat Yard
1st group Level 32
2nd group Level 37
3rd group Level 50
1-4 goats 2,150 Coin
5-8 goats 5,400 Coin
9-12 goats 8,650 Coin

Goats are farm animals which produce goat milk every eight hours. They are housed in goat yards and unlocked at level 32.

At level 32 up to four goats can be put in a yard and each goat costs 2,500 coins. A second yard is available at level 37 and four more goats can be purchased for 5,400 coins a goat. A third and last yard unlocked at level 50 and four more goats can be bought for 8,650 coins a goat.

Goats are purchased via the animal tab of the shop.


Goats require goat feed to produce milk. One bag of goat feed can feed up to three goats. It takes 40 minutes to produce and requires:


The goat milk goats produce can be used in the Dairy to make goat cheese.


  • During summer, goats wear sunglasses and bandanas around their necks.
  • During Halloween, goats are dressed as vampires.
  • During winter goats wear pink head scarves.


There are many different breeds of goats in real life. The ones in Hay Day are a relatively rare breed called "Fainting Goats" (or "Myotonic Goats"). Fainting goats are known to fall over with stiff leggs for about 15 seconds when startled or excited.

To make Hay Day's goats faint, quickly tap their pen several times. They will then fall over for a few seconds, then get back up and act normally. Causing them to faint does not change their behavior in the game, it is simply an "Easter Egg".


Goats in the fainted position

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