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Hello there! Welcome to the official Hay Day Wiki, which anyone with an account can edit! (As of July 2013, you also have to be over 13 to edit, as part of the COPPA.) We are a fan run site that aims to be a comprehensive and useful game guide for Hay Day players. Want to help out? Make an account and start off by checking out Help:Editing if you're new to editing, or our Manual of Style if you know the basics. Thanks!

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Hay Day is a popular mobile game created by Supercell in 2012. Hay Day is a farm simulator available on Android and iOS devices. Although Hay Day is free-to-play, additional in-game currency can be purchased with real money. However, all features of the game are open to players who choose not to buy in-app-purchases.

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Nov 16, 2015

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