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Welcome to the Hay Day Wiki!

The Hay Day Wiki is a family-friendly wiki about Hay Day, a mobile farming simulator created by Supercell. The Hay Day Wiki documents everything about the game and serves as a game guide to any and all players of Hay Day.

About Hay Day

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Hay Day is a mobile farming simulator created by Supercell. Hay Day involves growing and nurturing a farm and includes features such as: fishing, Global Events, animals, crops, neighborhoods, and a town that the player can customize. Hay Day's core mechanics are driven by a leveling system that determines when a player unlocks a specific feature or item. Hay Day also allows players to interact with their friends through Facebook connectivity, groups called neighborhoods, free advertisements in the game's newspaper, and the ability to sell items in roadside shops.

About the wiki

The Hay Day Wiki is a fan-run game guide to Hay Day. We are not affiliated with nor moderated by Supercell. The site uses a coding language called wikitext, a language used by wikis such as Wikipedia, to allow editors to edit pages that they can create. The wiki is maintained and moderated by our administrators, as well as the Hay Day Wiki community.

Navigating the wiki

You can navigate the wiki using blue words (called links), such as those on this page. The navigation bar on the top of every page contains many links to useful pages, and the search box can also be used to find pages.

Editing the wiki

For first time editors, check out Help:Editing. For a guide on how editors are expected to edit on this wiki, see the Manual of Style. Ask our administrators or ask on the forums for editing assistance. Be warned that vandalism is not encouraged on the wiki, so please do not mess up the wiki!

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