Grey Hippo

Hippopotamuses are one of the animals that can be unlocked in the sanctuary.

Like all other sanctuary animals, players can only have two of them.


Hippopotamuses have two different appearances: grey and brown.

Grey Hippo Brown Hippo

When players tap the brown hippo, it grunts, lies down and falls asleep. A frog then hops on its head, waking it up, and it stands back up.

When players tap the grey hippo, a bird lands on his nose, the hippo opens his mouth, the bird flies in, pecks at his tooth and tongue and then flies off.


Hippo Puzzles

Unlike other animals, hippos cannot be bought. Players must unlock them by finding puzzle pieces (which are collected in a log book). 36 pieces are required for each animal.

Players can get a hippo for free as they unlock the sanctuary (one animal is given randomly to all players). After getting the hippo house from the shop, a crate tied to balloons is slowly dropped down into the sanctuary. When it lands, the crate opens and the hippo walks off.


Hippo House

Players must then pick up a hippo house to be able to place the animal in the sanctuary. The hippo house is free and can be obtained from the Shop. ShopShop Icon.

Hippo House 2

When a second hippo is added to the sanctuary, an upgraded hippo house is obtained from the Shop, with a stone floor instead of the wooden plank.


Wheat Bundle

When given a wheat bundle hippos eat then roam the sanctuary for ten hours and finally fall asleep. Players can immediately wake them up to receive 25 xpExperience per animal. Hippos stay asleep otherwise.

Hippos which have been woken up but are not fed for a long while cannot fall asleep and wander around looking sleepy and tired.


Each hippopotamus unlocks specific decorations as listed below:

  • The grey hippo unlocks Palm Trees & Aloe Plants.
  • The brown hippo unlocks Rock Ponds & Short Bushes.

Palm Tree Aloe Plant Rock Pond Short Bush

With each animal players are given the first pair of decorations for free. They are unlocked in the Shop when you get the first animal, and players may purchase more decorations with coins.

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