Graphical User Interface

This is the basic Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Hay Day. Click on an icon to find out more:

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Farmer's banner

Click on an icon to find out more:

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List of icons

Icon Name Description
Additional Additional
  • Use diamonds to obtain additional slots in buildings; or crates in the roadside shop.
Advertising Advertising See: Roadside Shop - Advertising products
Bookmark Bookmark (follow) Add (or remove) a farmer to the friends bar. A maximum of 5 farmers (not including Facebook or Game Center friends) can be added.
Check mark Check mark (yes / confirm / select)
Coin Coin See: Coin
Diamond Diamond See: Diamond
Experience level Experience level See: Experience
Experience Experience points See: Experience
Friends Friends Access the Friends Bar.
Help icon Help See: Friends - Knowing who needs help
Home (farm) Home (farm) Go to the home (farm / main) screen.
Information Information Pop-up window providing further information e.g. derby leagues or masteries.
Like Like Like other farmers' farms.
Megaphone Megaphone If connected to Facebook, players can use the "megaphone" to let their friends know they need help in their farm.
Message Message
  • If another farmer revives a player's tree or bush, a message icon will appear. If the player taps on this, it sends a thank you note to the visiting player who revived the tree / bush.
  • Leaders, co-leaders and elders of a neighborhood, can send out invitations to Game Center or Facebook friends to join their neighborhood, by visiting their friends farm and tapping on the message icon.
Mid-level thresholds Mid-level thresholds See: Experience
Neighborhood Emblem Neighborhood Emblems See: Neighborhood Emblems
Profile picture following (blue) Profile picture - following (blue)
  • A player will see a blue frame around profile pictures of farmers they are following (bookmarked).
  • When a friend (someone a player is following or a Facebook or Game Center friend) passes a player on the boat order leaderboard, the user image of that friend is displayed on top of the leaderboard object.
Profile picture farmer (yellow) Profile picture - farmer (yellow) A player will see a yellow frame around profile pictures of most farmers (farmers that they are not following or who are not in the same neighborhood).
Profile picture neighbor (green) Profile picture - neighbor (green) A player will see a green frame around profile pictures of farmers who are in the same neighborhood. They will also see their neighbors reputation level.
Reputation Level Reputation level See: Reputation
Reputation Reputation points See: Reputation
Search Search
Settings Icon Settings See: Settings
Shop Icon Shop See: Shop
Speed up Speed up Players can receive items immediately by using diamonds.
Switch Switch
  • Only a maximum of 5 products / crops are displayed at a time in each production building / field. To see more, players tap the switch icon.
  • Players can send away town visitors using the switch icon.
Trash Trash
Tutorial Tutorial Find out further information and receive tips.
Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade Service Buildings, the Duck Salon or the Lobster Pool.
Green Voucher Voucher See: Voucher
Edit Mode Button Edit Mode


Note: to update the GUI please refer to the following:

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Hayday expl gui

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