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This page is about experience levels. You may be looking for the page about reputation levels.

Player level

The leveling system is the system that drives Hay Day's unlockables and achievements, and generally allows the game to progress and stay interesting.


Experience bar

The leveling system is run by experience (abbreviated XP), which can be gained by harvesting crops and animal goods, crafting goods in production buildings, selling goods to visiting customers, filling boat crates, completing truck orders, servicing visitors in the town, reviving trees and bushes, and some other minor ways.

Experience comes in the form of blue stars, which fills up the experience bar shown at the top-center of the screen. When the player has accumulated the number of required stars the bar resets to 0 and they change level, which unlocks new animals, new crops, new products, new Production Buildings, new animal shelters and new decorations as well as give them upgrades and rewards. The player can view the items unlocked at the next level, along with their statistics, by tapping their level star.

As the player progresses, reaching the next experience level requires more and more points. However, up until Level 50 the increase is inconsistent. From Level 50 to Level 98 reaching the next level always asks for the same number of points as for the previous level plus 11,000 more (e.g. reaching Level 60 requires 256,000 points and reaching Level 61 requires 267,000 points). Upon reaching Level 99, the increase becomes inconsistent again.

Regular upgrades and bonuses

Level thresholds

Players get additional fields every other level: three until Level 49, two until Level 99 then one after that.

The experience progress bar is divided into parts (the number varies depending on the player's level). When players reach the intermediate thresholds on the bar they are awarded with supplies or vouchers.

From Level 37 and on players get diamonds every level: one until Level 39, two until Level 49, three until Level 69, four until Level 79, five until Level 99 then 10 after that. Reaching Level 50 and Level 100 gives players an exceptional bonus of 10 and 50 diamonds respectively.

Table of levels

The following is a list of rewards, experience points needed, and the picture given for the first 100 levels that can be achieved in Hay Day. Note that after Level 100, no new items are given besides ten diamonds and one field plot (as stated above).

Level Experience points to next level Items unlocked/given Maximum number of fields Picture
1 27 Wheat
Chicken Coop
Fields (6x)

★ The farmhouse, barn and silo are unlocked

6 (beginning level)
2 7 Corn (4x)
Coins (85x)

Visiting customers are unlocked

6 Level 2
(Needs English version)
3 14 Diamond (1x)
Feed Mill
Fields (3x)
9 Level 3
(Needs English version)
4 30 Diamond (1x)
Saw (1x)

★The truck and the order board are unlocked

9 Level 4
(Needs English version)
5 50 Soybean (3x)
Diamond (1x)
Fields (3x)

Land clearing supplies are unlocked

12 Level 5
(Needs refreshed version)
6 220 Dairy
Cow Pasture
Cow feed (5x)

Achievements are unlocked

12 Level 6
(Needs refreshed version)
7 370 Diamond (1x)
Sugarcane (3x)
Sugar Mill
Corn bread
Brown sugar
Fields (3x)

★ The roadside shop and Daily Dirt are unlocked

15 Level 7
(Needs refreshed version)
8 490 Diamond (1x)
Saw (1x)
Popcorn Pot
15 Level 8
(Needs refreshed version)
9 790 Carrot (3x)
BBQ Grill
Wren House
Fields (3x)

Events are unlocked

18 Level 9
(Needs refreshed version)
10 960 Diamond (2x)
Pig Feed (3x)
Pig Pen
18 Level 10
(Needs refreshed version)
11 1,180 TNT barrel (1x)
Dynamite (1x)
Bacon and eggs
Stone Path
Fields (3x)
21 Level 11
(Needs refreshed version)
12 1,550 Diamond (1x)
Axe (1x)
2nd Feed Mill
2nd Chicken Coop
21 Level 12
(Needs refreshed version)
13 1,790 Diamond (1x)
Indigo (3x)
White Sugar
Stone Wall
Lily Log
Fields (3x)
24 Level 13
(Needs refreshed version)
14 2,270 Diamond (1x)
Pie Oven
Carrot pie
Wood Pile
Saw (2x)

Tom appears

24 Level 14
(Needs refreshed version)
15 2,880 Pumpkin (3x)
Pumpkin Pie
Apple tree
2nd Cow Pasture
Hay Cart
Fields (3x)

Alfred the postman appears

27 Level 15
(Needs refreshed version)
16 3,170 Sheep
Sheep Pasture
Sheep feed
Buttered popcorn
27 Level 16
(Needs refreshed version)
17 4,120 Diamond (1x)
Saw (1x)
Cone Topiary
Classic Topiary
Fields (3x)

★ The Boat dock is unlocked

30 Level 17
(Needs refreshed version)
18 4,740 Saw (1x)
Pig Pen (1x)
Bacon pie
Fresh Hay
30 Level 18
(Needs refreshed version)
19 5,410 Cotton
Cotton fabric
Raspberry bush
Raspberry Muffin
Sewing Machine
Blue woolly hat
Cotton shirt
Fields (3x)
33 Level 19
(Might need update)
20 6,120 Blue sweater
1st Dog house
1st Retriever
33 Level 20
(Needs update)
21 7,750 Cake Oven
Carrot cake
Woolly chaps
1st Cat house
1st Tabby cat
Fields (3x)
36 Level 21
(Needs update)
22 9,140 1st Pinscher
Land Deed
Marker Stake
Cherry tree
Small Pond
Large Pond

Land expansions are unlocked

36 Level 22
(Needs refreshed version)
23 10,630 1st Calico cat
Cream cake
Red Berry Cake
3rd Chicken Coop
Garden Bench
Fields (3x)
39 Level 23
(Needs refreshed version)
24 12,200 Smelters (5x)
Silver Ore
Gold Ore
Platinum Ore
Silver Bar

★ The Mine is unlocked

39 Level 24
(Needs refreshed version)
25 13,700 Chili pepper (3x)
Chili popcorn
Gold bar
Platinum Bar
Violet dress
Flower Hedge
Small Pine Tree
Small Leafy Tree
Fields (3x)
42 Level 25
(Needs update)
26 15,400 Juice Press
Blackberry muffin
Carrot juice
Blackberry bush
2nd Sheep Pasture
42 Level 26
(Needs refreshed version)
27 17,900 Diamond (1x)
Saw (1x)
1st Horse stable
1st Bay horse
3rd Cow Pasture
Fields (3x)

Fishing is unlocked

45 Level 27
(Needs refreshed version)
28 20,100 Apple pie
Fish pie
Apple juice
2nd Dog house
2nd Retriever
2nd Pinscher
Leafy Tree
Big Pine Tree
Pine Tree
Dark Leafy Tree
45 Level 28
(Needs refreshed version)
29 23,400 Ice Cream Maker
Vanilla Ice Cream
2nd Cat house
2nd Tabby cat
2nd Calico cat
Fields (3x)

Neighborhoods are unlocked

48 Level 29
(Needs refreshed version)
30 26,100 Tomato (3x)
Cherry juice
Roasted Tomatoes
Brick Wall

★ The Net Maker becomes available

48 Level 30
(Needs refreshed version)
31 29,000 Tomato Juice
Berry juice
Tuxedo cats
1st Bunny house
1st White Bunny
Camp Fire
Bird Bath
Fields (3x)
Level 31
32 32,400 Goat
Goat Yard
Goat feed
Goat Milk
3rd Pig Pen
1st Palomino horse

★ Ninth truck order

51 Level 32
33 35,400 Goat cheese
Cherry popsicle
Refined coal
Garden Swing
Golden Wall
Fields (3x)
54 Level 33
(Needs update)
34 38,700 Strawberry (3x)
1st Pinto horse
Feta pie
Strawberry Ice Cream
Iron bar
Limestone Road

★ The Town, town building supplies and town expansion supplies are unlocked

54 Level 34
(Needs update)
35 42,200 Potato (3x)
Jam Maker
Strawberry Cake
Baked potato
Apple jam
Fields (3x)
57 Level 35
36 45,200 Chocolate cake
Cacao tree
Raspberry Jam
57 Level 36
37 48,900 Diamond (1x)
Spicy Pizza
Blackberry jam
2nd Goat Yard
2nd Horse stable
2nd Bay horse
2nd Pinto horse
2nd Palominohorse
Fields (3x)
60 Level 37
38 54,900 Diamond (1x)
Cherry jam
Potato Feta Cake
Picnic Table
60 Level38
39 61,800 Diamond (1x)
Honey Extractor
Nectar bush
Beehive tree
Honey bee
Chocolate ice cream
Shepherds Pie
Potato bread
Fields (3x)
63 Level 39
(Needs update)
40 67,900 Diamonds (2x)
Honey popcorn
Diamond ring
3rd Horse stable
Andalusian horses
Rose Fence: Yellow
Stone Road
63 Level 40
(Needs update)
41 75,000 Diamonds (2x)
Fish and chips
Iron bracelet
2nd Bunny house
2nd White Bunny
Fluffy bunnies
Gravel Path
Fields (3x)
66 Level 41
(Needs updated English version)
42 81,500 Diamonds (2x)
Coffee Kiosk
Coffee bush
Coffee bean
Honey apple cake
3rd Sheep Pasture
66 Level 42
(Needs update)

(Needs refreshed version)

43 94,400 Diamonds (2x)
1st Donkey Stable
1st Provence donkey
Caffè latte
The Bike Ride
Fields (3x)
69 Level 43
(Needs refreshed version)
44 100,800 Diamonds (2x)
Chocolate popcorn
Lobster tail
Rose Fence: Orange

★ The Lobster Pool is unlocked

69 Level 44
(Needs update)
45 110,900 Diamonds (2x)
Caffè mocha
Frutti di Mare pizza
Pebble Road
Fields (3x)
72 Level 45
(Needs refreshed version)
46 119,500 Diamonds (2x)
Raspberry Mocha
Soup Kitchen
Lobster soup
Cobblestone Path
Singing At The Farm
72 Level 46
(Needs refreshed version)
47 129,500 Diamonds (2x)
Hot chocolate
Tomato Soup
Fields (3x)
75 Level 47
(Needs refreshed version)
48 138,000 Diamonds (2x)
Candle Maker
Strawberry candle
Lobster skewer
Red Scarf
Rose Fence: Pink
75 Level 48
(Needs refreshed version)
49 148,400 Diamonds (2x)
Pumpkin soup
The Mad Chicken
Fields (3x)
78 Level 49
(Needs refreshed version)
50 157,000 Diamonds (10x)
3rd Goat Yard
Strawberry Jam
Golden Path

★ The Duck Salon is unlocked

78 Level 50
(Needs update)
51 168,000 Diamonds (3x)
Candy Machine
Caramel apple
Fields (2x)
80 Level 51 hay day
52 179,000 Diamonds (3x)
Raspberry candle
1st Anatolian donkey
The Stallion
80 Level 52
53 190,000 Diamonds (3x)
Fish soup
Rose Arch
Rose Fence: Red
Fields (2x)
82 Level 53
(Needs refreshed version)
54 201,000 Diamonds (3x)
Sauce Maker
Soy Sauce
82 Level54 hay day
55 212,000 Diamonds (3x)
2nd Donkey Stable
2nd Provence donkey
2nd Anatolian donkey
Andalusian Donkeys
Fields (2x)
84 Level 55
(Needs refreshed version)
56 223,000 Diamonds (3x)
Sushi Bar
Sushi Roll
84 LEVEL 56
57 234,000 Diamonds (3x)
Olive tree
Fields (2x)
86 Level 57
(Needs refreshed version)
58 245,000 Diamonds (3x)
Lettuce (3x)
Feta salad
Salad Bar
86 Level 58
59 256,000 Diamonds (3x)
Lobster sushi
Fields (2x)
88 Level 59
(Needs update)
60 267,000 Diamonds (3x)
Jelly beans
Olive Oil
88 Level 60
(Needs refreshed version)
61 278,000 Diamonds (3x)
Sandwich Bar
Veggie Bagel
Fields (2x)
90 Level 61
(Needs refreshed version)
62 289,000 Diamonds (3x)
BLT salad
90 Level 62
63 300,000 Diamonds (3x)
Egg sushi
Field (2x)
92 Level 63
(Needs refreshed version)
64 311,000 Diamonds (3x)
Seafood Salad
Smoothie Mixer
Berry smoothie
92 Level 64
(Needs updated English version)
65 322,000 Diamonds (3x)
Bacon toast
Fields (2x)
94 Level 65
(Needs refreshed version)
66 333,000 Diamonds (3x)
Egg sandwich
Lemon tree
Lemon curd
Green smoothie
94 Lvl66
(Needs refreshed version)
67 344,000 Diamonds (3x)
Lemon pie
Fields (2x)
96 Level 67
(Needs refreshed version)
68 355,000 Diamonds (3x)
Lemon cake
96 Level 68
(Needs refreshed version)
69 366,000 Diamonds (3x)
Honey toast
Fields (2x)
98 Level 69
70 377,000 Diamonds (4x)
Yogurt Smoothie
98 Level 70
71 388,000 Diamonds (4x)
Fields (2x)
100 Level 71
(Needs refreshed version)
72 399,000 Diamonds (4x)
Lemon candle
100 Level 72
(Needs update)
73 410,000 Diamonds (4x)
Fields (2x)
102 Level 73
(Needs refreshed version)
74 421,000 Diamonds (4x) 102 Level 74
(Needs refreshed version)
75 432,000 Diamonds (4x)
Fields (2x)
104 Level 75
(Needs refreshed version)
76 443,000 Diamonds (4x) 104 Level 76
(Needs refreshed version)
77 454,000 Diamonds (4x)
Fields (2x)
106 Level 77
(Needs refreshed version)
78 465,000 Diamonds (4x) 106 Level 78
(Needs refreshed version)
79 476,000 Diamonds (4x)
Fields (2x)
108 Level 79
(Needs refreshed version)
80 487,000 Diamonds (5x) 108 Level 80
(Needs refreshed version)
81 498,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
110 Level 81
(Needs refreshed version)
82 509,000 Diamonds (5x) 110 Level 82
(Needs English version)
83 520,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
112 Level 83
(Needs updated English version)
84 531,000 Diamonds (5x) 112 Level 84
(Needs updated English version)
85 542,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
114 Level 85
(Needs updated English version)
86 553,000 Diamonds (5x) 114 Level 86
(Needs updated English version)
87 564,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
116 Level 87
(Needs updated English version)
88 575,000 Diamonds (5x) 116 Level 88
(Needs updated English version)
89 586,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
118 Level 89
(Needs refreshed version)
90 597,000 Diamonds (5x) 118 Level 90
(Needs refreshed version)
91 608,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
120 Level 91
(Needs refreshed version)
92 619,000 Diamonds (5x) 120 Level 92
(Needs refreshed version)
93 630,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
122 Level 93
(Needs refreshed version)
94 641,000 Diamonds (5x) 122 Level 94

(Needs refreshed version)

95 652,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
124 Level 95
(Needs refreshed version)
96 663,000 Diamonds (5x) 124 Level 96
(Needs updated English version)
97 674,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
126 Level 97
(Needs updated English version)
98 685,000 Diamonds (5x) 126 Level 98
(Needs updated English version)
99 696,000 Diamonds (5x)
Fields (2x)
128 Level 99
(Needs updated English version)
100 725,000 Diamonds (50x) 128 Level 100
(Needs refreshed version)

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