Lobsters are animals found in the fishing lake. They produce lobster tails.

They are unlocked at experience level 44 when when the Lobster Pool can be repaired.


Lobsters have two main states -swimming in the pool and floating when they are bloated. They get more varied swimming animations as players upgrade the salon. Unlike other animals, they do not change appearance during seasonal themes.

Lobster Ready

Catching lobsters

Lobster Trap Full

Lobsters can be caught with lobster traps made in the Net Maker. Catching a lobster takes six hours or by paying 8 diamonds to expedite harvesting them. Lobsters must then stay in the Lobster Pool for another six hours before they yield tails.

Lobster Pool Stage 6

The pool can initially contain only one lobster. Players must upgrade it using coins to make room for more lobsters (to a maximum of six lobsters).

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