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The Loom is a Production Building unlocked at Level 17. It costs 3,200 Coins and takes one day (or 47 Diamonds) to build it.

At first, it looks like a wooden framework with a few white strings in the middle frame. A scarlet piece of old fabric is placed on the left of the framework. An unoccupied chair is placed on the floor very close to the fabric.

The mastered version gains a star on the middle frame and a ginger mat. The chair is not placed on it.

It can produce:

Table of products

Name Unlocks at Price (coins) Price (dia.) Duration Experience Ingredients
Level 17 151 27 2 h
★★★ 1 h 42 min
18 Wool (2)
Cotton fabric
Cotton Fabric
Level 18 108 21 30 min
★★★ 25 min
13 Cotton (3)
Blue woolly hat
Blue Woolly Hat
Level 19 111 20 1 h
★★★ 51 min
13 Wool (1)
Indigo (1)
Blue sweater
Blue Sweater
Level 20 208 38 3 h
★★★ 2 h 33 min
25 Wool (2)
Indigo (2)
Red scarf
Red Scarf
Level 48 288 54 2 h 30 min
★★★ 2 h 7 min
34 Wool (2)
Strawberries (2)


★ after 36 hours: all Loom goods are worth 10% more coins from truck orders.
★★ after 180 hours: all Loom goods are worth 10% more experience from truck orders.
★★★ after 900 hours: all Loom goods are produced 15% faster.
A total of 1,116 hours of production is required to master the Loom and get the 3-star rank (★★★).
Loom Mastered
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