This page is the Hay Day Wiki's Manual of Style and contains guidelines editors should follow. It assumes editors know how to edit basic wikitext. See Help:Editing for a tutorial for first-time editors.

Basic guidelines

Child-friendly wiki

The Hay Day Wiki aims to be a child-friendly wiki that aims to be both informative and useful. There are many things that should not ever be put onto a page or said to another editor (see Hay Day Wiki:Vandalism), and many things that should be put onto a page.

Proper English

This is the English Hay Day Wiki, which means that proper English must be used at all times. Of course, editors and readers can communicate in whatever (civil) way they choose, as long as they can understand one another.

It is still debated whether American English or British English must be used on the wiki. Supercell, the creators of Hay Day, use both forms in the game).

Page titles

Pages should be named in title format and capitalized. No hyperbolic statements should be present (such as "OMG wow" and "best ever").

  • Not a good name: Cows Are the Best
  • Better: Cow
  • Not in title format: White dog
  • Better: White Dog

Neutral Point of View

Here at the Hay Day Wiki, we aim to be a guide for those looking for facts and tips about Hay Day. While we are not Wikipedia, we still aim to write from a neutral point of view. That means that pages should not directly talk to a reader or state one person's opinion.

Exceptions: strategy tips sections, blogs, forums and comments or any other space where conversation between users occur do not have to follow these rules either.

Editing summaries

Every edit should have a summary mentioning what changes you've done. This is true even for typographical errors and minor tweaks. Summaries should be concise yet clear: added image, added information about XYZ, corrected a typo, reworded a sentence for better clarity, etc.

It is fine to use abbreviations such as 'upd' or 'pic'. If you've made a major change which you feel doesn't need to be discussed, explaining why you did is also a good idea.

Mobile viewing

Although not all pages on our wiki are easily readable on a phone, we want to make them more so. This is something to take into account when making edits : check the mobile preview and see if you can make it better. All elements should be visible, even if a little small, scrolling left or right should be avoided if possible.

Standard page format

Usually pages contain a lead section, an infobox, and several sections.

Pages also use navigation boxes (or navboxes) which contain links to similar pages.

Lead section

The lead section is the area before the first section and to the left of the infobox. All lead sections should start with the subject of the page in bold text and a brief introduction explaining what the item or feature is.


The infobox is a convenient way to display statistics but should stay as concise and short as possible. Note it is okay to include the same statistic in both the text and the infobox as long as the text expands on it. For instance, if "19 coins" is a statistic in the infobox, the text should contain something such as:

This item requires 19 coins to buy.


Sections are used to organize pages into separate parts. Sections can be different aspects of a page's subject, gameplay tips and trivia ("did you know?" facts). It is preferable to have main sections when possible and limit the number of subsections.

It is generally accepted that sections should not be capitalized in title format unless the section is a title.

While text in the game is very often capitalized, text on wiki should not be capitalized when not talking about a true proper noun (such as Daily Dirt).


Images should be in-game screenshots not shots of your device while playing the game. Big clear square images are preferred. Picture of items without a background are often preferred over unedited shots.

Do not replace pictures which have been given to us by Supercell. They are of a great quality and are all background-less.

To provide an updated or better version of an image please do not update a new picture. Open the existing image and choose edit/replace or update a new version of this file.


Links to other wiki pages are encouraged. However, do not link to the same article several times in the same paragraph or section. One link is enough.

Links to sections are discouraged. Section titles are more subject to change than page titles and this causes unnecessary editing.


Tables are a very handy tool for organizing information and presenting it in a concise way. However, they must not contain lenghty text to make sure they stay readable and, at least, desktop-friendly. Ideally, mobile-friendly tables are preferred. Tables which have more than three columns are generally not mobile-friendly.


  • History belongs in Version History. Changes should only be mentioned in articles if they have a particular significance (such as Tom changing appearance).
  • Easter eggs go into their own section.

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