Mystery boxes (often called red tool boxes, hence the types of items awarded to the player) appear randomly in Hay Day and contain various helpful items. There are several different types of mystery boxes.

Mystery tool boxes

Mystery Box

Mystery tool boxes are red, chained tool boxes "popping" out of the ground in the farm area. If a box is locked, which is often the case, players can open it by spending diamonds, sometimes they cost 3 and others 5. Once the box has been opened or rejected, it disappears into the ground.

Boxes can contain:

  • Supplies (except for building supplies needed for the town)
  • Coins (anywhere from 50 to several thousand, increases slowly with level)
  • Any type of voucher
  • 5 diamonds
  • Expansion Permit
  • Boosters

Treasure chests

Treasure Chest

Treasure chests appear in the town lake. Locked chests can be opened by spending five diamonds. Once the chest has been opened or rejected, it sinks into the water.

Chests can contain:

Seasonal mystery gifts

Seasonal mystery gifts appear in the fishing area when a seasonal theme is on: a ghost appears around Halloween, present boxes appear around Christmas, firework barrels appear around New Year's and Chinese New Year's. These are never locked.

These can contain:

Strategy tips

  • Don't forget to check for Treasure Chests. Many of us find Mystery Boxes on the Farms of other players, but don't forget to look in their Town to find Treasure Chests floating off shore.
  • If a Mystery Tool Box is found on your own farm, it is very likely for one to be found on another farm at the same time. The same is true vice versa.