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Neighborhoods House

Neighbourhood building not rebuilt

Empty neighborhood

Repaired House

The neighborhood building.
Price 10 000 coins
Level 29
Repairing Time 1 day

Neighborhood Banner

The banner for the Neighborhoods update.

Neighborhoods (also spelled neighbourhoods) is a feature released in the February 12 update. It includes a damaged neighborhood building that can be repaired after level 29 to gain access to the feature. To repair the neighborhood building, the player needs 10000 coins and must wait 24 hours for the repair to complete. Repairing this building will allow a player to either join or create a neighborhood. The chat feature can be used to talk to other neighborhood members in real time. The leader can promote users to elder and co-leader positions. Global events now show the top contributing neighborhoods as well. The friends tab also shows a section showing only neighbourhood members.


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