Personal Train Stage 3

The personal train is a building in the town. It lets players bring town visitors from their neighbors' towns to their own ones.

It is unlocked at reputation level 4.


The personal train changes as the player upgrades it:

Personal Train Locked Personal Train Stage 1 Personal Train Stage 2 Personal Train Stage 3

Repairing the train

Repairing the train costs 13,000 coinCoins and takes 6 hours.

Picking up visitors

Players can tap the train to see who among their neighbors has visitors waiting at their train station. Tapping a neighbor's icon sends the personal train into this neighbor's town.

Personal Train Maintenance

Players can then tap any visitor standing at the neighbor's station to send them to their own towns. Once the visitor has gotten off the train it goes into maintenance time for six hours.

If no visitor is selected, the personal train returns to the player's station and may be sent out to another neighbor's town.

If a player picks up less passengers than their maximum allowed at a single town, the train will still go into "maintenance time" once it arrives back at their town; they cannot send it back out to pick up passengers at other towns.


One reputation point is given for each picked-up visitor: the point goes to the player whose visitor was picked up.

Points are given even if the visitor is not served in its destination town.


Players can upgrade their personal train either to increase its capacity or to decrease its maintenance time. Upgrades require refine coal, iron bars and alternatively silver bars, gold bars or platinum bars (see the table below).

Refined Coal Iron Bar Silver Bar Gold Bar Platinum Bar

If the player chooses to increase the capacity, then the train can seat one more visitor than before, to a maximum of 10 visitors.

If the player chooses the maintenance option, the train's maintenance time decreases by 30 minutes, to a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Upgrading the personal train upgrades its level, to a maximum level of 19.

Table of upgrades

Each kind of upgrade needs the following number of upgrade items for each level:

Level Refined Coal Iron Bar Silver Bar Gold Bar Platinum Bar
Lvl 2555xx
Lvl 355x5x
Lvl 455xx5
Lvl 5101010xx
Lvl 61010x10x
Lvl 71010xx10
Lvl 8151515xx
Lvl 91515x15x
Lvl 101515xx15
Lvl 11202020xx
Lvl 122020x20x
Lvl 132020xx20
Lvl 1425252500
Lvl 152525x25x
Lvl 162525xx25
Lvl 17303030xx
Lvl 183030x30x
Lvl 193030xx30

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