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Pig - Full

  • Summary
    • As one can imagine, pigs produce bacon.
    • "Harvesting" bacon from pigs does not kill them. It only makes them thinner.
  • Trivia
    • The pigs in Hay Day are generic domestic pigs which are pink and seem to be very fond of grinning.
    • It can be considered a little strange how the pig does not die when the player harvests its meat.
Unlocked at Level: Production time Produces Fed with Housed in
10 3 hours and 40 minutes



Pig Feed

Pig Feed

Pig Pen

Pig Pen

Amout Price
1 - 5 500
6 - 10 1400
 11 - 15 2300
Pig - Hungry
Pig - Full
Pig - Ready
Hungry Full Ready

The three stages of pigs


Pig - Hungry

Pig - Full

Pig - Ready

Normal appearance

SummerPig - Hungry

SummerPig - Full

SummerPig - Ready

Summer clothing
General Information:
First unlocks at: Level 10
Initial price 500 coins
Production time 3 hours and 40 minutes
Produces Bacon
Fed with Pig Feed
Housed in Pig Pen
Cost of each animal (by amount):
1-5 pigs 500 coins
5-10 pigs 1400 coins
10-15 pigs 2300 coins

Pigs unlock on Level 10.  Each pig costs 500 coins, and up to five can be added to a Pig Pen A second group of 5 pigs unlocks at level 18 and each pig costs 1400 coins. A third group of 5 pigs unlocks at level 32 and each pig costs 2300 coins Pig Feed takes 20 minutes to produce, feeds three Pigs, and requires:

Pig produce bacon every 4 hours, which is used to make:

Bacon is also used to feed dogs, though pigs will not be attacked by them. 

Alternate appearances

Version v1.11.47 saw pigs (and all of the other animals) wearing summer themed clothes.

SummerPig - Hungry
SummerPig - Full
SummerPig - Ready
Hungry Full Ready

Version 1.13.284 saw pigs wearing a mummy costume for Halloween.

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