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Pigs are farm animals which produce bacon. They are unlocked at level 10. They are the third type of farm animal unlocked in the game.


Pigs have three main states: default, full and hungry. They wear themed clothes and accessories during summer, Halloween and winter.

Pig Full Pig Hungry Pig Summer Pig Summer Full Pig Summer Hungry Pig Halloween Full Pigs Winter


Pig Pen

Pigs must be placed in pig pens to be purchased. Pens cost 150 coinCoins each. They are unlocked at levels 10, 18 and 32. Each pen can house five pigs.

At level 10, pigs cost 500 coins each; at level 18, 1,400 coins; at level 32, 2,300 coins.

Pigs and pig pens can be bought from the shop.ShopShop Icon


Pig Steaming

Bacon can be steamed from pigs every 4 hours. Players must then give pigs pig feed to get another harvest. Pig feed is made of:

  • one SoybeanSoybean
  • two CarrotCarrot

Strategy tips

  • Making pig feed only takes 20 minutes for 3 units. You can easily harvest all your bacon and replenish your feed stock by the time the pigs are fat again.
  • Bacon can rarely be found in the Daily Dirt as it is also needed to feed dogs.
  • Feeding farm animals and harvesting bacon are common tasks in derbies.

Did you know?

  • In real life pork must be treated to become bacon.

Easter egg

  • Tapping the pig pen makes the pigs stand up and wave hello.

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