Platinum bars can be made in the Smelter from Level 25 onwards. Each bar takes 16 hours to be made (or 13 hours and 36 minutes in a mastered Smelter), and requires:

They can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 2,050 coins for 10 bars. As is the case for all Smelter products, completing a truck order requesting one or more bars rewards players with a random voucher.

Platinum bars can be used to make necklaces and diamond rings, as well as upgrade the personal train in the player's town.

Table of products

Platinum bar can be used to make the following products:

Name Unlocks at Price Duration Experience Ingredients Production Building
Level 39 727 3 h
★★★ 2 h 33 min
72 Platinum bar (1)
Silver bars (2)
Gold bar (1)
Diamond ring
Diamond Ring
Level 40 824 4 h
★★★ 3 h 24 min
84 Platinum bars (2)
Gold bars (2)
Diamond (1)

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