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Roadside Shop

The roadside shop is a structure given to all players at Level 7. Every shop is identical; they all have a red and white striped roof, six visible baskets that appear to be slots, a wooden base which sites on a gray-brown material, two baskets full of red and green fruit, and a stack of empty boxes.


Selling items in the roadside shop is an option after Level 7. Crops, animal products, items produced in production buildings (except lures and nets), land clearing supplies, and expansion supplies for buildings and land can all be sold in the roadside shop. Decorations CAN NOT be sold in the roadside shop.

Advertising an item puts it in the Daily Dirt (newspaper) where it is visible to any player to buy. If an item is not advertised, your friends and followers can visit your roadside shop to purchase items from you.

Additionally, you can pay 5 diamonds +2 increase for each extra slot (5+7+9+11+...) in a Roadside Shop, or by adding a required number of friends. (note that, even with 2000 hay-day friends, the road shop has only 18 slots, without diamonds. though the text "you need X friends for new slot" is no longer visible)

Trades using the Shop

Players can arrange to trade using the roadside shop. Typically, such exchanges are arranged through forums. Once a trade has been negotiated, etiquette usually calls for the player who initiated the trade to put his item up for sale first. Many players communicate within the game by "wheating". The initiating player should first put 1 wheat crop up for sale for 1 coin, unadvertised, in the slot farthest to the right in his shop. The other player will purchase this crop to tell the trader "I'm here". Then, the trader can put up his item for trade. After this exchange, the other player will follow this same process to give the first player his item in exchange. The maximum number of items the player can put on the roadside shop is 10. Forums generally outline their conventions and expectations in detail in Stickies and it is recommended that new traders research the rules prior to arranging trades.

Strategy Tips

  • When your silo or barn runs out of room, you can sell things to get more room.
  • You can search the newspaper for cheap items, buy them, and sell them for maximum price.
  • Except for wheat, corn and eggs sell all other products at maximum price. Sugar Mill, Dairy, Ice Cream Maker, Juice Press, Jam Maker, products sell very quickly as they are in high demand. (this list is probably incomplete)
  • you can add many (exact number unknown) "friends" once, and get up to 18 free slots, then unfriend them, and you still retain all the 18 slots. (exact number unknown, somewhere between 8 friends, and 2000 friends.)



When buying a new slot with 5 diamonds and then selling 5 planks for any price, a player will receive 500,000 coins from the trade. [citation needed]

Sale venues
TruckBoatRoadside ShopNewspaperWheel of FortuneService Buildings

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