Sale venues are places where players can sell their crops, animal goods and products in exchange for game currencies, and buy items from the game or from other players.

The shop

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Shop Icon

The shop (also called the market) is where players can buy fields, animals and their shelters, trees and bushes, production buildings, Service buildings, and decorations in exchange for coins, diamonds, or vouchers.

Visitors coming to the farmhouse

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Visitors regularly come to the player's farmhouse and request items in exchange for coins and 5 experience points.

The truck and the farm order board

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The truck is used to sell items to townsfolk (who remain unseen). Orders can be found by tapping on the order board the truck is parked next to.

Selling items through the truck give players coins, experience points and occasionally vouchers.

The roadside shop and the Daily Dirt

Roadside Shop
Daily Dirt Cover

Main article: Roadside Shop

Main article: Daily Dirt

The roadside shop is used to sell items to and buy items from other players.

Players can advertise the items they are selling in the game newspaper (called the Daily Dirt). Players can browse this paper at any time by clicking on their newspaper mailbox or any other player's one.

Selling items through the shop give players coins.

The riverboat

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The riverboat or boat is also used to sell items to townsfolk. Orders can be found by tapping on the boat.

Selling items through the boat give players coins, experience points and vouchers.

Service buildings and the town order board

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Grocery Store Outside3
Town Order Board

Service buildings are places that town visitors place orders in. Orders can be found by tapping on the building or on the second order board located on the farm (near the train station).

Selling items through the town give players coins, reputation points and supplies.

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Other sale venues

Riverboat Daily Dirt Cover Roadside Shop Grocery Store Outside3 Shop Icon Truck Greg

Other buildings

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