Grocery Store Outside3

Service buildings are places where players can serve visitors in the town.

Each building is unlocked at a certain reputation level (repReputation). The first building is unlocked at repReputation 1. The last building is unlocked at repReputation 13.

Type of buildings

Players can have about 7 buildings.

Grocery Store Outside3 Cinema Outside3 Diner Outside3 B&B Outside3
Grocery Store Cinema Diner Bed and Breakfast
Rep. level 1 Rep. level 2 Rep. level 3 Rep. level 5
Spa Outside3 Gift Shop Outside3 Beach Cafe Outside3
Spa Gift Shop Beach Café
Rep. level 9 Rep. level 11 Rep. level 13

Buying or repairing buildings

All buildings cost coins and can be bought in the shop. The higher the reputation level the more expensive the building.

Building these takes time, increasingly so. Players can use diamonds to speed up the building process.


Main article: Town Visitors

Each town visitor chooses a number of buildings to visit, from one to three. Once there, they ask for one to three products. When served these items, a period of time passes before the visitor is ready to go on to the next building or go to the train platform, if they have visited all of the buildings on their list. In exchange for these products, visitors give players coins (coinCoins), experience points (xpExperience), and reputation points (repReputation).

Upgrading buildings

Upgrade Icon

Each building has four different categories which can be upgraded: slots, coins, experience and time.

  • Slots: to increase the number of town visitors who can be in the building at the same time, from 1 initially to a maximum of 6.
  • Coins: to increase the amount of coinCoins earned per visitor, from +5% to +60%.
  • Experience and reputation: to increase the amount of xpExperience and repReputation points earned per visitor, from +5% to +60%.
  • Time: to decrease the time visitors spend in the building, from -5% to -40%.
Service Building Upgrade

However, players can only upgrade the slots category at first. This brings the building to level 2 and unlocks the coins category. At level 3 the experience and reputation category is unlocked. At level 4 the time category is unlocked.

Upgrading service buildings requires three different types of supplies, which vary from one building to another (see the tables below). The number of supplies needed increases as the player upgrades the building. To upgrade a building to level 3, 2 units of each type of supplies are needed; to reach level 4, 3 units are needed; and so on.

Players cannot upgrade their service buildings to a level exceeding their current reputation level. Upgrading all the buildings to the maximum allowed requires players to reach reputation level 38.

Town packs

Town Pack

Town packs are one-time limited offers for a bundle of expansion items, diamonds and coins. The amount of items the pack offers can vary. The offer lasts for 24 hours.

Strategy tips

  • Remember that the Town Hall tracks all visitors in town.
  • Upgrading the hall allows players to increase the number of visitors in the town. You should check what your capacity is before you upgrade the slots for a building.
  • The "Slot" upgrade is the main priority of all upgrades.

Building supplies per building

Beach Cafe Outside3
Beach Café
Hammer Hand Drill Tar Bucket
B&B Outside3
Bed and Breakfast
Brick Hand Drill Paint Bucket
Cinema Outside3
Hammer Nail Wood Panel
Diner Outside3
Paint Bucket Plank Screw
Gift Shop Outside3
Gift Shop
Hammer Stone Block Tar Bucket
Grocery Store Outside3
Grocery Store
Bolt Duct Tape Stone Block
Spa Outside3
Brick Stone Block Tar Bucket

Buildings and prices per supply item

Bolt Brick Duct Tape Hammer
Bolt Brick Duct tape Hammer
Grocery Store Outside3 B&B Outside3
Spa Outside3
Grocery Store Outside3 Beach Cafe Outside3
Gift Shop Outside3
Cinema Outside3
75 coinCoins 95 coinCoins 75 coinCoins 95 coinCoins
8 diaDiamond 10 diaDiamond 8 diaDiamond 10 diaDiamond
Hand Drill Nail Paint Bucket Plank
Hand drill Nail Paint bucket Plank
Beach Cafe Outside3
B&B Outside3
Cinema Outside3 B&B Outside3
Diner Outside3
Diner Outside3
95 coinCoins 75 coinCoins 95 coinCoins 75 coinCoins
10 diaDiamond 8 diaDiamond 10 diaDiamond 8 diaDiamond
Screw Stone Block Tar Bucket Wood Panel
Screw Stone block Tar bucket Wood panel
Diner Outside3 Gift Shop Outside3
Grocery Store Outside3
Spa Outside3
Beach Cafe Outside3
Gift Shop Outside3
Spa Outside3
Cinema Outside3
75 coinCoins 95 coinCoins 95 coinCoins 75 coinCoins
10 diaDiamond 10 diaDiamond 10 diaDiamond 8 diaDiamond

See also

Other town buildings

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