The shop (also called the market) is where players can buy fields, animals and their shelters, trees and bushes, production buildings, Service buildings, and decorations.

Items in the shop cost coins, diamonds, or vouchers.

Using the shop

Shop Icon

The shop can be accessed by touching the cash register icon on the bottom left of the screen.

The shop has 5 tabs to buy things from:

Players can purchase items by touching and dragging them onto available space in the farm or the town.

Decoration filters

Main article: Decorations

The decorations tab has sub-filters:

Storing decorations

Player can store decorations they have bought. They need to:

  1. Touch and hold the decoration until the rotate and store icons appear.
  2. Touch the store button (i.e. the box icon)

Players can place stored decorations back the usual way.

When more then one item is stored, the shop records how many of each it holds. Players must use stored items first, before buying another.

See also

Other sale venues

Riverboat Daily Dirt Cover Roadside Shop Grocery Store Outside3 Shop Icon Truck Greg

Other buildings

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