Sugar Mill

The Sugar Mill is a production building unlocked at experience level 7.

It is used to make brown sugar, white sugar and syrup.


The Sugar Mill is a blue press, extracting the juice from the sugarcane between heavy iron rollers, with a red crank and a metal bowl.

The mastered version gets a few golden parts and a star on the front.


It costs 350 coinCoins and takes 6 hours (or 25 diaDiamond) to build the Sugar Mill. It gives players 13 xpExperience when completed.


Brown Sugar White Sugar Syrup
Brown sugar White sugar Syrup
Lvl 7 Lvl 13 Lvl 18
20 min
★★★ 17 min
40 min
★★★ 34 min
1 h 30 min
★★★ 1 h 16 min
32coinCoins 50coinCoins 90coinCoins
4xpExperience 6xpExperience 11xpExperience


Main article: Production Buildings

The Sugar Mill originally has two slots available. Unlocking the third slot costs 6 diamonds. Players can unlock 7 new slots in total, each new one costing 3 more diaDiamond than the previous one. Alternatively, they can spend a total of 105 diaDiamond to completely upgrade their machine.


A total of 525 hours of production is required to master the Sugar Mill:

Sugar Mill Mastered
25 hrs
100 hrs
400 hrs
Mastery I Mastery II 10 Sugar Mill Mastery
+10% coinCoins +10% xpExperience 15% faster

Strategy tips

  • Sugar is widely used in the game. The Sugar Mill needs to constantly produce it.
  • Sugarcane, the only item required to make all products, is easy to find in the Daily Dirt.
  • Ernest can run the mill for you if you hire him. This costs diamonds.

Did you know?

  • To make raw sugar, white sugar, or syrup from sugarcane, additional steps are required in real life, such as clarification, evaporation, crystallization and centrifuging.

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