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Note: this page is currently a work in progress. As such there may be missing and inaccurate information.

All along the year, the game changes with the season or special holidays. It can affect the game's loading screen, the appearance of several items in the game, the background music, the occurrence of special events and Easter eggs.

Seasons in the game may start or end at different times over the years. The Hay Day team follows the seasons of Finland, the country where Supercell comes from [1].

Standard theme

Loading Screen Standard

Chickens Standard Pigs Standard Cows Standard Sheeps Standard Goats Standard

Summer theme

  • The summer season usually lasts from June to October in the game.
  • The loading screen changes.
  • During Summer, some farm animals wear special items:

Chicken Summer Pig Summer Cow Summer Sheep Summer Goat Summer Honey Bee Summer

Fall theme

  • The fall season usually lasts from ? to mid-October in the game.
  • During fall decorative trees and bushes change appearances.

Halloween theme

Loading Screen Halloween
  • The fall season usually lasts from mid-October to the end of the month in the game.
  • The loading screen changes.
  • Bats are seen flying around.
  • Jack o' lanterns are hung in fir trees.
  • Pumpkins planted in fields turn into jack o' lanterns when fully grown.
  • A ghost is randomly spotted hovering over the fishing lake. It can give players a secret decoration as well as random gifts (see Mystery Box).

Halloween ghost appears next to Angus

  • Some farm animals wear costumes:

Chicken Halloween Pig Halloween Full Cow Halloween Sheep Halloween Goat Halloween

  • Players can buy time-limited decorations.

Winter theme

Loading Screen Winter
  • The winter season usually lasts from mid-November to April in the game.
  • The loading screen changes.
  • Some farm animals wear special items:

Chickens Winter Pigs Winter Cows Winter Goats Winter Sheep Winter Bees Winter

Greg Winter Mary Winter Mike Winter Joan Winter

  • The farmhouse gets decorated with blinking lights:

Farmhouse Christmas

  • Present boxes appear the fishing lake around Christmas time. Firework barrels appear around New Year's Days (according to the Gregorian and Chinese calendars). They give players random gifts (see Mystery Box).

Xmas present Mystery Fireworks


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