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    • hi~香港的朋友歡迎加入neighborhood"累事團"唷~有50+老手帶升等~一起為derby努力吧!

      Welcome to our neighborhood! We welcome friends from worldwide. Come and join us! Language with English or Chinese preferred. Neighborhood name: 累事團

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    • Reposting for User:Tytana:

      Seven Cats Inn is Recruiting! Tytana

      Hello everyone ! :-)

      Seven Cats Inn, has 2 experienced members (level 95 and 105), that played in Champions-league for a long time. And we started a new Hood, because we know Exactly, what we want from it ! We are looking for more Friendly and Responsible Adult Neighbors who love to Derby and have Fun :-)


         320 tasks (because at the moment, we have enough of them)
         extra task is a MUST
         only Adults 

      ​those are the only rules... So please, NO Exceptions :-)

      We understand, that " Life Happens"! So, you can always "Opt Out" from Derby and take a rest...

      If you have any questions or suggestions, please write me in pm!

      Hood Name: 'Seven Cats Inn; Hood Emblem: (yellow cat in a purple circle); Hood Required level: ~60; Hood Members: 3 (all 320 addicts' ).

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    • Reposting for User:Aria1738:

      My neighborhood's name is The Youngsters, come and join! Leader's name is Ferme d'Aria

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    • We are also looking for members. Elk Gang. Leader: Elk Ranch

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    • (Sorry I accidentally added new thread)

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    • (No worries; thanks for letting us know :)

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    • Need a neighbourhood. Level 24. Live in India. Want a neighbourhood that suits my timezone, but I don't want Chinese neighbourhood.

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    • Uttar22, if you live in India, how do you have English keyboard? Or am I stupid and they speak/write English there. (Reply on my wall)

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    • Barnswallow
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      Derogatory language.
      19:05, March 15, 2016
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    • Looking for new members! English preferred language. 315+ for derby tasks. Very friendly and extremely helpful group!

      Group name: Down and Derby!

      Leader: Fowler Farm

      Will promote after two successful derbies...Come play!

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    • Join our neighborhood called greener pastures Purple shield with yellow cow. We have 4 members, levels 123, 97, 87, and 75. Friendly, helpful, active players. We are ready to help but prefer players that aren't to "needy". Always choose 315+ tasks in derby but you may opt out if not interested in competing. Active in town so there are usually visitors to pick up. You will be promoted if you are a good team player.

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    • Looking for new members at Hippie Commune. Emblem is an orange saw and axe over a pink badge. Looking for friendly and Active members. Hope to see u in the game

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    • Looking for new members!

      Neighborhood: kick start (red background blue bat)

      Must be active and friendly! Adults preferred. Derby participation not required - but MUST opt out if you don't plan to complete that week's tasks. Will kick any violators of this policy immediately.

      Come join us this week and if you show us that you are active, friendly, and helpful, you can stay and play in the derby with us next week. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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    • Hello farmers!

      We are looking for level 45+ farmers who wants to level up fast and upgrade their farms as fast as possible.

      We are giving away often free stuff such as upgrades for farm and etc.

      Search "FBARM" in the neighborhood search and join  us, its free to join and the only requirment is level 45+.

      We are usually 1st on derby so you get 3 free random stuff every 3~5 days from neighborhood + you get all the stuff we get from the derby, so you only get profit from joining us.


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    • Barnswallow
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      15:58, April 23, 2016
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    • Hi farmers join HAYDAY CLUB emblem blue ship wheel.Very freindly group.Minimum above level 20 can join.we r 16 members group ,max upto 30 can join.Enjoy have fun,we help each other whenever possible.Need active participation at derby.

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    • Looking for a few great neighbors at honeyberry sunshine

      We love to play derby and only do tasks 270 and over. We love to have clean fun and help each other. Most of us are level 50 or over.

      Come join the fun!

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    • Need a neighbourhood that acceps me to be inactive, I play hayday once a month soo!

       DarrenPaul (editor)  talk    contribs   18:55, May 8, 2016 (UTC)

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    • Have you been kicked out of a neighborhood because you have a normal life? Do you love playing Derby's? I am looking for nice farmers that don't get mad! Please join my neighborhood. Comeback Farms. Purple cow with green background. I am level 41. English speaking please. I will help you in return. Hope to see you soon.

      Leader name is katrina

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    • Are you looking for a friendly, social and dedicated derby neighborhood that also send townies around with the trains? Join "Hay Day Addiction Center". Our emblem is a green chicken on a plaid blue pattern. I'm the leader and level 83. Min level to join is 40. We all love to help each other as much as we can and win derbys. We are currently at 22 members. Hope to see you soon.

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    • Hi, just started my own neighborhood and I'm looking for new neighbors! My neighborhood is Mika's Friendly Hood. The emblem is a red fox on blue background. Minimum level to join is 40 and English is preferred. We are a very friendly neighborhood where everyone is required to participate in Derby. However, I know we have busy lives and I want to keep it fun so if you are not able to participate for a short while, then you must opt out of the derby. Those are the only rules. Hope to see you soon!

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    • Barnswallow
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    • FlaDiver52
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      Group NO Longer Exists
      23:34, June 23, 2016
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    • Hoi wij kunnen nog wel gezellige en behulpzamen buurtjes erbij hebben in ons clubje. Meld je aan bij Nikita.


      Je bent van harte welkom

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    • Feel like chatting with fellow BioWare fans while playing Hay Day?  Look no further! Come join the Fans of Bioware neighbourhood!  We're currently a small neighbourhood but would like to see if there are other Hay Day players that also enjoy BioWare RPG games.

      Min level: 18

      Derby:  Participation in the Derby would be awesome, but if it's not your thing, no problem just make sure to opt out.

      Language:  English

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    • Please join our "HayDay" Neighbourhood its called "FC United" (the one with the logo yellow horse on red background")

      We are friendly and active in the derby also please ask for help on chat for items you need and we do our best to help you.

      Also we welcome new players and will answer any questions you have about the game.

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    • Howdy!

      We are a "newbie" neighborhood looking for neighbors.  We are fun and easy-going, but have a desire to compete in derbies and level!  We understand most of you have lives and may not be active all the time and that is OK with us.  If you are looking for a new neighborhood give us a chance, we don't bite!  :) Anyone over level 18 can join!  

      Look us up-- Ledbetter on the Lake (Tag #2VLGRJQP)

      Happy Hay Day'ing!

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    • We are looking for derby enthusiastic players. We do not require you to do 300+ point tasks, just do some derby tasks. We are Minnesota outlaws and require level 25 to join. Also want you to help neighbors in the hood, and we will help you.

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    • Hello  everybody, we are a new neighbourhood(4 players)  since yesterday called Viktory . We decided to leave together our old neighbourhood  where we all played together  cause we didn't like to lose derby every time. So now we are just 4 people  und we are looking  forward to get some more new members  who loves to take part in derby with out stress. So if u decide to join us up will not regret, just search for the name Viktory und and the owner of the group is traumfarm von Elena. We are speaking  English,  German  und Russian  languages

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    • Viktory2016 wrote: Hello  everybody, we are a new neighbourhood(4 players)  since yesterday called Viktory . We decided to leave together our old neighbourhood  where we all played together  cause we didn't like to lose derby every time. So now we are just 4 people  und we are looking  forward to get some more new members  who loves to take part in derby with out stress. So if u decide to join us up will not regret, just search for the name Viktory und and the owner of the group is traumfarm von Elena. We are speaking  English,  German  und Russian  languages

      Viktory, can I join? But I won't do derbies.

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    • Thanks for your answer, but we are looking  only for aktive derby Players who are willing to do tasks up 300,

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    • Championship League hood is looking for new members! You have to read this ;))

      $~WHEAT HAY~$

      Welcome everyone!

      We are happy to announce, that we are looking for new members for our team. 
      Or scratch that- new friends ;)

      Firstly, little about us:

      We are players from all over the world, english speaking, fun to be around  We looove to chat- about everything and nothing- our speciality :))

      Even though we care about good atmosphere in our hood, equally important are derby for us-we all are derby addict, when opt in 9 tasks 310+ points are a must. 10th task is optional. And that would be all about the rules. ;P   We always try to go for gold- so if there is a tough run, it would be deeply appreciated if you would do the 10th, but we do not put pressure- your diamonds, your decision ;)

      Our age range is from 23 up to 44 years old- although sometimes everyone behaves like they are 17 again we are looking for players of age 21+. Why? Cause even though this is a game, there is a responsibility of competing in derby,one failed task hurts us all. And the other reason- we love to joke around, and some of those jokes should probably be rated "R"... ;P

      We are extremely generous group. you need 20 bolts or 60 bars? It can be done in minutes. Most of us are done with land expansion, so there is no problem with lem in our hood either.  BUT- we do not want to be used. Our good nature will be limited (not concerning derby tasks) during the first week when you join- this is always a trial week. Seems harsh? You won't think that when you come check us out, well oiled machine, no request stay unfulfilled, races to fill up each other boats, plenty sales, people bored when no one needs help.  Sometimes one day is enough to end the trail week, when we see a good fit for our hood ;>

      Are you afraid to speak up when you need help with the task or you just like to do your tasks without getting into any discussion on chat? Then you should look for other hood ;>

      'We are looking for derby-oriented, chatty, chilled people, who would like to spend great time on Hay Day, without any drama  'If you feel like this hood is something that you have been looking for, don't hesitate to join. 

      For any questions you can write a pm here, or kik me: mastermona. (with the dot in the end). 

      Our hood name:

      $~WHEAT HAY~$

      yellow goat on red background

      Tag: #9UU8YLVJ

      Players are from 55th up to 112th lvl, so all needs can be met ;)

      And the last thing: we won't accept anyone 5h or less to the derby. We need to have some time to get to know each other and to be sure that new person won't fail any task. 
      Minimum lvl: 50. 

      If you like our idea of spending time on HD- visit us as soon as you can! Time is running... ;>

      If not- best of luck to all of you! 

      Keep calm and keep farming!

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    • Come join our lovely neighborhood!! Help each other out with shipments and try your best at the derby 😄 Search AUSSIE FARMERS DIRECT

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    • Join our hood!

      Name: Daily Players Funny Farms. Required Level: 35. Preferred Language: English. Tag: #CG88CLG. Neighbourhood Leader: Sunnyside aka Jodie.

      Rules To Join: Active Derby players only. Must complete 300+ tasks, complete 9/9 champion league tasks, respect others and have fun!

      • Note* Leader will remove any players who don't follow rules as our aim is to score in the top three of the champions league.

      Thank you! [Maple Springs Orchid aka Jess on Hay Day] :)

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    • Howdy Farmers!

      Are You currently trying to scroll in this section looking for a neighborhood?

      Then worry not! Diamond Wolves are the right one if You LOVE making new friends! All we ask of You is to be active in Derby, Boat orders and Donating stuff!! Diamond Wolves is quite new neighborhood but that doesn't mean leader has no experience in operating as one!


      - Be nice!

      - You must donate other than requesting stuff!

      - For better reputation try to help or participate in Derby more often!

      - We prefer level 25+ but our required level is set on 20

      - If someone is bullying or bothering You then don't be afraid to tell the leader or Co-leader!

      - Leader is mostly known for having ~DW~ tag next to her name! Elders,Co-leaders and members can put it too but it is NOT required to be in neighborhood!

      - It is recommended to speak English! Leader understands 5 languages! (English,German,Croatian,Serbian,Bosnian and Slovenian) but it is preferred to talk in English so others can understand you too! :)

      - For any additional questions it is preferred to ask the leader!

      If You've read all of the rules above then You have a better chance of joining the neighborhood!

      You can find us by typing in: ~DIAMOND WOLVES~

      Emblem: Blue Fox on Yellow shield-like background

      Type: You must request to join! Sorry! :(

      Derby log: Shared

      Our Neighborhood tag: #2URCVOJV (If You have problems trying to find us by tag then try this one: #2URCV0JV

      We hope You got interested in our neighborhood and we're expecting You to join anytime You want! :)

      Have a nice day Farmers!

      Sincerely.        ~DW Leader KayTheWolf

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    • Hi everyone, We have just started a new neighbourhood called Aussie Derby day. We are looking for some players that want to join in the Derby. There are just two of us so far but we are very experienced and happy to help younger players, but we are quite keen to progress in the Derby, so we are looking for players that want to join us. Thanks all

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    • Hi Everyone, new neighbourhood called Off Our Rockers. We are looking for fun new hood members to come join us. Red Horse on Blue background. Must opt in or out of Derby, if you opt in completing all tasks is a must. No foul language or rude behavior permitted. 

      Hood ID #88ULPUCO

      Come on over!

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    • Tired of pushy neighborhoods? We are so we started our own new one!! Betty's Dream (green cat purple background) We love helping each other out and playing in derbys!! Join the fun!

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    • Hi, we are looking for about 6 new members to join our neighborhood and participate in the derbies. We are currently in the Expert league, but have not won any trophies in this league, although we have been doing better each week. Neighborhood name is "Mommy and me" (my wife and son originally started it).

      Hood ID #89GYYUPQ

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    • Hello farmers!

      Our close-knit neighborhood is looking to expand by gaining more players. *We only do 320 tasks!* Will adjust rules as necessary to stay in Champion League and win top three. Come join us if you’re a competitive player looking for a consistent winner!

      Look for Pottamus Place, blue horse on green shield. No drama and we help all around. See you there!

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    • OLD SKOOL FRIENDS #RCUQUP0 (last digit is a zero)

      Derby serious hood, very competitive but extremely friendly and helpful!! We make completing tasks easy!!

      We are GOLD CUP WINNERS and we are recruiting for serious players ONLY. We have members from all over the world... from Australia to Indonesia.

      9 tasks required at 310 or higher and a 10th task if it means placing in the top 3 (Did I mention we are competitive? )

      Come and join your forever HayDay home... you won't regret it!!

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    • New neighborhood looking for active, friendly members who like to help each other. English speaking. Derby required, 300+ tasks only. I'm not into constantly threatening people with getting kicked like some hoods are - just want people to pitch in and do their best, and help others whenever they can. Was in the Champions league in my last hood, would be great to work up to that again if possible! Minimum level 50. Name: Blue Ridge; blue circle badge w/green chicken. Look for my farm, BonkyDonkey. Hope to welcome you!

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    • dont let the name put you off, join Zoelkella!

      (ignore the name XD pretty random)

      anyone can join, as long as youre lvl 18+ ahaha!

      as we doing have many people, we rarely win derbies - but the more the merrier!

      we are usually pretty active too! 

      please join! XXX

      Zoelkella <3 tag: #89LVGGL8 

      look for ours names;

      Kwazii #1 & #2

      Maccas Produce

      Trump Estate 


      & hopefully more XXXXXXX

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    • Blazing Saddles!

      Blazing Saddles is a friendly, helpful, talkative neighborhood that is very derby-focused. We enjoy helping each other in the game and in the derby. We are always in champs league and usually place in the top 3. We accept only tasks over 305 and require all members to complete all 9 tasks. Many of us are willing to gem a 10th task if the derby is close!

      Our required level is 30 and we range in level from 30-118. We are english-speaking and adult only. If you are also a helpful farmer that enjoys derbies and being competitive, we would love for you to join our team!

      Blazing Saddles!

      Tag: #2RQY8GY9

      Emblem: a gold horse with a red background

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    • Join our awesome neighborhood Greg land!!!!! We accept anyone no matter what level (18 min) I am eager to donate anything and am absolutely committed to my neighborhood.

      our tag is #8ugvc9v

      Our preferred language is English

      And our derby log is not shared

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    • Hello all! 

      I am looking for active and helpful farmers! We would really like some serious derby players but we do not require that you play the derby as long as you opt out. For those of you out there who are derby players, we are not highly competitive. We do not make everyone do 320 tasks or make people do a 10th task, we just like for people to finish any tasks that they can. We are currently in the championship league. We are a very friendly and helpful neighborhood. The neighborhood is currently set at request to join and at lvl 30 but I am open to lowering that for people if you are really active and helpful. We do require you to speak english though as the neighborhood is mostly english speakers. The neighborhood tag is 90QQCLR8. Please give our neighborhood a try and I'm sure you will love it! Please put in the request that you saw my post ad thats why you are requesting.

      Thanks for reading!  Dino

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    • Hello farmers!We are looking for more active and competitive derby players who love 320 points only + extra task. Our level is 133, 114,112, 92.Required level is 80, hood tag#28R90V00.ty Can't wait too see new friends.

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    • Hi all! Neighborhood Moe is looking for members who are friendly and hospitable. We are not a competitive one so relax and enjoy the game. We will help you with all we have. Our level are 52, 42, 30 and 24. Anyone can join, level 18+ pls. Derby log is not shared and English only.

      Tag: #C29UUQ2

      p/s: Moe is not abandoned ~.~ I'm not always around to say hi so don't join just to leave.

      Thank you for joining!

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    • Please join fierce farmers!!

      It is a new neighbourhood and here are the info:

      Name:Fierce farmers

      Description: Anyone can join


      (i) green bat

      (ii) checkered background

      (iii) Blue circle at the outside

      Prefered chat language: English

      Neighbourhood type: Anyone can join

      Minimum level to join: 21

      Derby task log: Shared

      Other info:


      (i) Christie farm (me)

      (ii) Level 24. (at this time)

      (iii) Tag: #8VLL0V0R8

      Neighbourhood tag: #9LQ8V2UV

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    • Join us at El Rancho Tortuga (Turtle Ranch)

      Hood Tag: PY022JLU

      A neighborhood looking for folks that help and communicate

      Members 13/30

      Type: Request to join

      Required Level: 25

      Language: English

      Leader: Sunsine

      Co-Leader Celtic Heart Farm (me) Tag # GP08VUQV

      Co-Leader: Unicornia

      Hope to meet you soon. Our hood is no ultra competitive. Help each other,communicate and just have fun! 

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    • Hayday
      Click to enlarge and see if you are a good fit for our neighborhood! We'd love to have you!
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    • Himym
      Hello farmers

      If you are looking for a nice and active neighbourhood, you are at the right place. Our neighbourhood pepperridge farms,#8RQQ8QG0, is recruiting some new active players (30+). Currently we are in the expert league. The requirement for the derby is for each player to reach at least a 1000 points (at the moment, it will go up as the hood grows). We are aiming to go to the champions league and stay there but the main goal is to keep it fun and achievable. Therefore we need some more players who are committed. It is also important for all of us that you treat the other neighbours with respect.

      Further we like players who are very helpful just as all of us. If you want to join our family, you are always welcome!

      Name: Pepperridge farms
      Logo: yellow shield, blue cow

      See you soon Greetings Samantha

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    • Hey all!  Newer hood needs some active, fun players. 

      Salacious Geeks Tag: #8JC09L8P Facebook:

      Who we are looking for: 

      • Minimum level 35
      • Active, chatty people
      • Adults only! Chat sometimes gets naughty/nerdy/playful. No need to watch your language here ;-)

      About us:

      • We help one another, and have a hoot while doing it.
      • Normal Derby: 9 tasks at 310+ points
      • Themed Derby: special 340+ point tasks supplemented with quickie 310+point tasks such as mining, trucks, revivals, or townies
      • EVERYONE can trash tasks, as we are all elders!
      • Opt-in/ opt-out: Real life got you too busy? Just opt out for the week.


      Salacious - arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination (webster's definition)

      Geek- A curious badass (my personal definition)

      Bannerv4 small
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    • A FANDOM user
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