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"Hi, I'm Tom and I can run errands for you. I'll wait by your roadside shop!"

-Tom, when you first meet him

Tom is your farm helper, a young blond boy in brown page-boy hat and knee-length overalls. He is unlocked at level 14.


Tom ready and waiting
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Every two hours for the first three days after he is unlocked, he will find any item for you that you have previously unlocked (with the exception of building supplies and land clearing supplies) at a fair price. For example, you could ask him to find some bread. A few seconds later, he will come back with three quantity options:
  1. one to three of the item
  2. four to six of the item
  3. seven to nine of the item

If you choose to purchase one of the three quantities, Tom will grow tired and fall asleep for two hours once you have retrieved your item(s).

If you are not satisfied with the three options he finds, you may choose to accept none of them. He then only has to rest for two minutes before being able to search again.

After the initial three days of working for free, Tom's services are available to be purchased with diamonds. He charges 15 diamonds for one day, 60 diamonds for five days or 100 diamonds for ten days. Even if you did not buy anything from him, you will not be able to have him work for you for free again.


Occasionally Tom will be seen holding a balloon with a percent sign written on it. While holding this balloon he offers a ten percent discount for the five- and ten-day fees. After several minutes he will release the balloon, at which point he will no longer offer the discount. The balloon will slowly float away, but while it is visible on screen you may tap it to receive experience, as well as the possibility of a bonus land clearing or mining item.


  • It is possible for Tom to buy an item from your roadside shop, although it is unknown if this is a case of someone else actually requesting the item or simply a way for older sale items to be cleared from the shop.
  • Tom's avatar appears to be a hand-drawn picture.
  • While resting, he will lie down chewing a piece of straw and thinking about products.

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