Town Hall Stage 4

The Town Hall is a building in the player's town which keeps track of town visitors.

It is unlocked at experience level 34.

Repairing it does not cost anything.


The hall changes as the player upgrades it:

Town Hall Broken Town Hall Stage 1 Town Hall Stage 2 Town Hall Stage 3 Town Hall Stage 4

Tracking visitors

Tapping on the hall lets players track their town visitors's statuses through 5 tabs:

  • idle for visitors who are walking around town.
  • waiting for visitors who are waiting on their orders.
  • serving for visitors whose requests have been filled.
  • ready for visitors who are ready to leave buildings.
  • leaving for visitors who are going back to the station, either to be picked up by a fellow neighbor or to go home.

Players can interact with visitors directly from the Hall by tapping on 'see visitor', 'send away' or 'collect reward'.

A paw print lets players spot visitors who want to go to the sanctuary.

Upgrading the hall

Paint Bucket
Stone Block

The hall can be upgraded using hammers, paint buckets and stone blocks.

The Town Hall begins with a visitor capacity of nine people. Upgrading the hall allows players to increase the number of visitors in the town.

Each upgrade increases its capacity by three and its level by one. The hall can be upgraded to level 12 for a maximum capacity of 42 visitors.

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