Note: this page is about characters visiting the town, not to be confused with farm visitors.


Town visitors are non-player characters (NPCs) who automatically visit the player's town in order to purchase services in service buildings. They are unlocked at level 34.

They arrive by train, either through the train station, or through the personal train.


10 different characters come to visit towns:

Multiple iterations of a visitor can be in a given town at one time.

The visitors are assigned random names by the game. These names change every time the visitors come to the town. However, visitors picked up from a neighbor's town with the Personal Train retain their names from the previous town.

The number of visitors who can go into the player's town is determined by the level of the Town Hall, which can be upgraded to a maximum of 42 by using Stone Blocks, Hammers & Paint Buckets.

Sending visitors to service buildings

To serve a visitor, players need to send them to one of the buildings they wish to go to. There are two ways to do so:

  • tap on the visitor then send them to one of the buildings.
  • tap on the Town Hall, select a visitor then proceed the same way.

Serving visitors

Once a visitor is sent to a building, players can give the visitor the items they have requested, or send them back to the train station (the latter can only be done once the player has reached reputation level 3).

If players do not have some of the items, the visitor can wait in the building forever.

Visitors cannot be served until the player has all of the items they want in stock.

Waiting time

Once a visitor has been served, service time begins. The time it takes to serve each visitor varies depending on the service building. During this time, it is not possible to send the visitor away without using diamonds.

To speed up the service time, players can upgrade the service building to reputation level 4, and then upgrade the service time (see Service Buildings for details).


After the service time is complete, the visitor will be standing outside the building, and wait to give the player rewards. To receive these rewards players must tap on the visitor or on the building where he/she had been served.

Rewards are a combination of coins, experience points, and reputation points. The amounts of rewards can be raised by upgrading the buildings (see Service Buildings for details).


Town Visitors Gift

If a visitor has visited all of the service buildings they wanted to go to, and been served in all of them, they will present the player with a gift. The gift can be any kind of supply item.

Visitors with a paw print next to the list of buildings they wish to visit will want to see a certain wildlife animal at the end of their visit. If players serve them fully and have the specified animal in their sanctuary, the visitor goes watch the animal for a short while, makes a comment (shown briefly in a bubble over his head), then leaves an extra gift next to the book stand. The gift can be coins, a voucher or a supply item.

They will then go back to the train station.

Only visitors brought to the town on the Eggspress Train may be interested in seeing the sanctuary. Rejected visitors without being fully served will go directly to the Train Station.

Keeping track of visitors

Town Hall Stage 4

Main article: Town Hall

Players can keep track of visitors by tapping on the Town Hall. This tells them where each visitor is, what their status is, what building they have already visited, how many and which visitors standing on the platform are ready to go home (having already visited 2 towns) or ready to be picked up by the Personal Train of a neighbor.

Keeping track of orders

Town Order Board

The order board located next to the farm train station sums up orders from visitors who are waiting in buildings.

Picking up visitors from neighboring towns

Personal Train Stage 3

Main article: Personal Train

At reputation level 4 players can repair the personal train to pick up visitors from neighboring towns.

Visitors picked up from other towns only ask to visit one service building. Picking up a visitor from a neighbor's town rewards this neighbor with one reputation point. When these visitors have been served, they will present the gift and ready to go home and cannot be picked up by a neighbor.

The Personal Train can be upgraded to pick up a maximum of 10 visitors from a neighbor or upgraded to shorten the maintenance time to a minimum of 1.5 hours.

Strategy tips

  • If your main goal is to get gifts, send away visitors who want to go to three different buildings and prioritize two-building visitors or, even better, visitors from neighboring towns (brought in by the Personal train) as they only visit one building.
  • Sending visitors to a building through the Town Hall has the advantage of not releasing visitors who are already served and waiting at the front of the building. This is useful to know when you are preparing for a Town Visitor derby task and you are not ready to release served visitors. Note that those served no longer occupy a space in the building and more visitors can be placed into the building. However, if they are not released, they still occupy a space in town and could limit how many visitors the next Eggspress Train or Personal Train can bring into town.
  • The visitors who are ready to be released from a building will stand in front of the building with the last one served standing at the front of the queue. By tapping on the visitors, you will release them in reverse order (those served last will be released first).
  • If you want to release a visitor out of order, it is a very tricky task but not totally impossible. Zoom in to the group standing in front of the building and CAREFULLY tap on the visitor you want to release. Success rate is low, but if you are desperate, it's worth a try.
  • If you tap on the building instead of on the visitors standing in front of the building, they are released NOT according to who is standing at the front but according to who was served first. Once they are ready to be released, you can tell the order of release ONLY if you had taken notes previously. However, this works best only if the first batch served are already standing in front of the building before you send in the next batch to be served. (This tip is for those involved in doing the Specific Visitor derby task and wanted to prepare for more than one Specific Visitor task at the same time.)
  • At the beginning you aren't allowed to send visitors away. If you can't make the items they request yet try buying them from other players' farms or requesting them from your neighbors.

Did you know?


The Grand Master is a reference to Mister Miyagi from the movie The Karate Kid. In the movie, there is a famous scene where Mr. Miyagi explains that a man who can catch a fly with chopsticks can accomplish anything. The reference can be seen in Hay Day when the Grand Master stops walking, sees a fly and quickly catches it with his chopsticks.

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