Has anyone else noticed the "mystery farms" that appear in about one third of the newspapers? Here are some common characteristics:

  • The farms always advertise 10 wheat for 8 gold
  • The avatar is always a generic silhouette
  • Most are on level 63 or 64 (the lowest level I've seen is level 18)
  • There always is a truck in the driveway with payment for a delivery
  • The crop fields are always scattered randomly to the right of the driveway
  • Farms at levels in the 30s or higher always have multiple completed production buildings still under gift wrap
  • All expansion plots of land are unlocked, regardless of level
  • The Neighborhood House is not accessible
  • The Town has no developments

These apparently are some kind of test farms. Here are some screenshots:


Example of a mystery farm ad

Mystery346 800

The farm for the above ad

Mystery321 800
Mystery332 800
Mystery311 800

The lowest mystery farm level I've seen is level 18

Mystery318 800
Mystery316 800
Mystery336 800
Mystery344 800
Mystery345 800

Another view of FARM OF LUST - No land expansions to be done - at level 31!


The town associated with a mystery farm - untouched at level 64!

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